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  1. Is it still possible to get the optional 'with/without' ground doodad checkbox? ? Converted draenor over and this tool is magic, it's incredibly quick and simple. As for the ground doodads, I read earlier it them being removed due to errors, adt errors due to lack of dbc input? Either way would be great to get this option! Definitely agree with other posters, this tool is incredibly awesome.
  2. Sai Editor for Trinitycore is a good Sai editor. Direct to the db connection.
    After remaking all of Lordaeron from Wetlands up, I remember seeing this on Moonguard wiki. Amazing work, such great level design, glad it was shared and not lost. Well worth the download, especially if you are new to wow Modding and want to look into a custom mpq and what changes can be made. =)