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  1. Where can i find the lua function UnitAura() use to init the count variable ? In the Wow.exe ??
  2. Hi, I wanted to remove the limit of 255 stack aura, so i change uint8 to 16 in core and database (character_aura.stackamount). Serverside it's perfect but client side the restrictions is active, when i hit 255 the count back to 0. So i find this in Interface client (3.3.5a) function AuraButton_Update(buttonName, index, filter) local unit = PlayerFrame.unit; local name, rank, texture, count, debuffType, duration, expirationTime, _, _, shouldConsolidate = UnitAura(unit, index, filter); [.....] -- Set the number of applications of an aura if ( count > 1 ) then buff.count:SetText(count); buff.count:Show(); else buff.count:Hide(); end [.....] end Someone can help to remove this restrictions client side ? Thank you and sorry for my bad english..