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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Viridian Phase-Hunter - Possible New Warpstalker Mount from Burning Crusade Classic Promotion
  2. hopefuly convey about how not to do it beacuse having 8GB of files that does not add any sigle detail sounds like a terror to me
  4. export wmo from wow.export to obj convert obj to wmo via WBS no direct public downporter exists afaik
  5. 1.2 Bug Fix: when exporting single image its no longer called singular since its causing some problems later keep the name same as actual map folder name that is using by internal lizzard dbc parsing single image map into sections was due bug in GDI+ function drawing with offset of +1 pixel so thats fixed now too
  6. Updated to version 1.1 - fixed a bug when saving map without pre existing folder
  7. - Updated file a template for M2 files for 010 Editor Edited Animation sequnces block like proper flags reading - thanks Nix
  8. If you have working TC extractor why dont you extract it yourself it sounds like you have everything ready
  9. Which goblin then ? in LK there are only specific goblin creatures do you know which one ?
  10. So you want to pick up cataclysm model of goblin deleting its mesh and rigging wotlk model on it ?
  11. Updated ListFileExtractor to version 1.2 Also renamed from WMOListFile to ListFileExtractor
  12. Some minor suggestions - when you get tileset texture from ADT do a copy line and itsert it a second time with a "_s " suffix for specular maps - Tileset textures are using "/" instead of "\" that is wow used to when extracted which is correct but MPQ editor after using this listfile has no idea how to use it I dont know maybe generate with / and \ both just to be 100% sure
  13. Myssira The Elite Night Elf Sentinel This is just a sentinel from warfronts but with some extra edits the second model without custom edits (Edits are extra elune sigil / Extra glaive / custom hair) Prices Myssira 9$ Night Elf Sentinel Female 6$ Myssira + Night Elf Sentinel Female 13$ Images 1 2 are Myssira images 3 4 are just sentinel