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  1. What is version 1.8 ? I didnt say any versioning when compiling my extractors
  2. There is a texture flag for that called BodyOrCloth and afaik it uses CharSections dbc and puts cloth on top of that just like that I assume its hardcoded that troll / draenei / tauren feets are getting excluded from it but I could be wrong this is oddly specific region that I never investigated but UV editing or Texture Flags wont lead you to solution Maybe there is a flag in CharSection DBC that defines that that very section cannot get armor on it try looking into that
  3. Such edit is relatively easy just forllow few basic tutorials around here in my pack im providing just a mere 3D model with all required depencency files you can do with it whatever you want
  4. 9.0.1 are compatible with 8.3.0 M2redux and if you wont get it runing then use wow.export to get meshes
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Sylvanas Windrunner 3D Model from Shadowlands for 3.3.5 I bypassed .Skel and remade it so some rigg problems may appear but anyway here it is I wanted to do this for a while and finaly found time to do it while my pc didnt BSODed me while working on it
  6. Use this instead casting mele is not optional since its special ability unlike any other
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Greetings Today I bring you mount that I have made for Marlamin as a joke based on his iconic pfp out of a companion that is ingame the Kakapo mount model is using Creature skins defined by the DBC
  8. Bel Peol V2 Bel Peol is a anime inspired character that I have worked on 5 years ago but althou I finished the project I was not satisfied with the result and so I have now done a reimagination of the model and bring you remade version from scratch using brand new mechanism and skills Bel Peol has 3. Skins that can be used and its thanks to fact that she contains various geosets that can be turned on and off technicaly its safe to say that she has up to 6 variations possible where she will still look acceptable Price 20$ If you are going to buy this model pay attention to this information: all my previous models need only CreatureModelData and CreatureDisplayInfo DBCs and has hardcoded texture but BelPeol is using more advanced wow systems if you want to implement her correctly I have added a CSVs data for coresponding DBCs with working setups for displayIDs of Bel Peol
  9. my PC is going to hell its 8 years old build after all and I have been pushing it to its limits to whole time both hardware and software is already at brink of destruction altouh i can reinstall OS it wont fix HW problems so I need to buy a new PC but shit is that I dont have money atm for it so expect delays on all my projects

    I will still try to work on something but rememebr that my pc is currently like hanging on a last string before colapse so shit can sideways real quick