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  1. You could still just go and use 010 Editor with M2 template that has Flags mapped so you dont need to recalculate anything
  2. Binary flags work everywhere the same Also Renderflags are in M2s not in Skins
  3. Disable the Unlit texture flag in renderflag attached to your texture
  4. Eyes have texture that hovers infront of eyes you can remove that in M2redux but lots of eyes themselfs have eye texture type that is set to unlit so it ignores envirovenmental lighting
  5. This community is simply international and thats reason why language to use is obviously language and if you are releasing something being it in english for everyone to use it and understand it is logical Also note that zhCN or zhTW is like one of the smallest groups to be found here
  6. you can try marlamins tool in case that azhara crater is still in 830 his tool exports adts with m2s wmos and baked maps up to 16k smth afaik
  7. Hope they can pay me a ride to USA if im suppsoed to to the deal i prefer it to by from eyes to eyes
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This script is fixing the "unknown_box" (name that it has on wiki) which is responsible for wmos render batches culling which can cause batches to disappear if the box contains incorrect values this scrip iterates thru values in MOVT and uses min max indices to insert them into MOBA batches to fix the box
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is simple image of connections between DBCs in order to make spell with a spell visual effect that is loading 3D models (335 ofc)