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  1. did oyu placed map dbc into servers files as well ?
  2. Ou thats quite ... high prices for lower quality Also btw on screenshot you have 2B and A2 not 9S
  3. Version 2.6.0


    Hello there So I got a bit bored while working with WoW Machinima Tool 2.5 done by amazingl Malu05 bcuz this tool is flipin damn helpful for doing various stuff but last version that Maul did was 2.5 which is crashing whenever you press any number on Numberic Keyboard (think the only exception was NumKey09) Well I picked up his code where he left it and fixed that issue so it does not crash anymore yay ! aim all creds to Maul that tool had like 15k lines of code i fixed around 20 lines only to make it working again Have a fun
  4. Global $playerbase_alpha_patchadr = 7566401 Global $playerbase_alpha_patch = "0x8896CB000000" sourcode code of WoWMachinimaTool just add $WoW to adr and you should be done btw its byte[6]
  5. hardcoded in exe set up some debugging and with a bit of a luck will and googling you will be able to maybe catch that function and disable it the WoW machinima tool already does that but only for models getting transparent from range of 0% to <100% once oyu hit 100% it will disappear again making me think that function to make character transparent only to some point is done by how much is camera zoomed in but when it gets fully transparent is not actualy transparent but more like not being rendered at all that would sound logical to me you can also try looking at wiki for some offesets that may help you
  6. Why dont you just remove "Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate" types from all items via SQL command that you let run thru Item_Template
  7. Join official modding discord and check out #testing channel made for noggit where lastest builds happens
  8. You can only export Hots models to 3dsm or into Blender via old M3 addon that does work only with very old hots characters
  9. At first you are using quite odl noggit and Wungasaurus already linked site that describes exactly what is wrong
  10. There is several guides all around both MC net and Modcraft it takes like 10 minutes to find them
  11. If you are up to editing lights of WMO you need to edit chuck MOCV and if you do want to edit those baked lights you called thats actualy Vertex lightning and those comes from MOLM if a im correct so you can check those two