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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Resizing script for 010 editor with attached M2Template that its using script is unoptimized and will run for a long time on complex models that has more than 100 bones and lots of animation sequences (model with 150 bones and 140 animations took me 25 mins)
  2. In new noggit you defire where it has import list in settings as for WMV log its in usersettings folder of WMV
  3. Successful attempt on making female Varian Wryn id say
  4. The is no other way around In eyes of server you are in middle of a ocean where is no land and thus it will give you exhaustion
  5. when is Mmap/Vmap Extractor extracting NavMesh data its looking on Liquid Type if its Ocean then such region will be marked as area that server uses to give you exhaustion so you should make all water around your island an water not ocean in noggit then extract maps and give it to server
  6. I have uploaded new version that loads a bit more map variations but not all of them problem is that Lizzard is having the suffixes different with almost each map beacuse they use other tables for them and I need to hardcode all of those into code so program knows about those
  7. Alastor Strix'Efuartus

    Project Emperor

    Project Emperor is WoW 3.3.5 CZ/SK RP Project with Aspects of PvP and PvE making it kinda PvEPRP we are building our own custom zone alongside with roll systems / new spells / subclasses / Quests / Lore and much more My own personal interest is also into making this project much more grim dark in some certain aspects such as pure horror aspect so expect some creapy dungeons that will try to push boundries of wow immersion but while staying true to the fantasy aspect of the game that is quite often forgoten by many RP projects esencialy making RP into medival simulator which is exactly what Emperor does NOT want to be like Project is being made by me and bunch of my friends Discord Server Invite Link :
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Viridian Phase-Hunter - Possible New Warpstalker Mount from Burning Crusade Classic Promotion
  9. hopefuly convey about how not to do it beacuse having 8GB of files that does not add any sigle detail sounds like a terror to me
  11. export wmo from wow.export to obj convert obj to wmo via WBS no direct public downporter exists afaik
  12. 1.2 Bug Fix: when exporting single image its no longer called singular since its causing some problems later keep the name same as actual map folder name that is using by internal lizzard dbc parsing single image map into sections was due bug in GDI+ function drawing with offset of +1 pixel so thats fixed now too
  13. Updated to version 1.1 - fixed a bug when saving map without pre existing folder