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  1. Animations are in M2s but can also be present in .anim files if needed what you dont get about it ?
  2. side note: if you wonder why there is the extra underscore blame those who mare listfile for Shadowlands which is team I already questioned them about this they said they dont need to care about lower expansions so naming of files in is not in synch with parsing mechanism of Wotlk aka you need to mass rename stuff like helms and texture components(cuz they are wrong too) for them to work in LK
  3. wrong suffix "helm_leather_mawraid_d_01_drf.m2" not "helm_leather_mawraid_d_01_dr_f.m2"

    3D belts for our SL to LK items pack is almost done


  5. 2.79 is no longer supported so who knows what could be cause of this some ancient code proly
  6. Female guldan added to sales section for 16$ ✅


  7. Gul'danna Rule 63 Genderbend of Gul'dan - Orc Female model taken from Price 16$
  8. use BLPConvertor from my repo and run on skin textures this cmd script @echo off Title Converting BLP To PNG for /R %%i in (*.blp) do BLPConverter8.exe "%%i" Title Deleting BLP FOR /R %%A IN (*.blp) DO DEL "%%A" Title Converting PNG To BLP for /R %%i in (*.png) do BLPConverter8.exe -h "%%i" Title Deleting PNG FOR /R %%A IN (*.png) DO DEL "%%A" timeout 3 once your textures are in correct format you also need proper HD models those you linked are not even for LK so either downport them or take someone elses Hd models such as leviathans and repalce nude textures
  9. texture needs to be in correct format palettized no alpha
    uhh... how is this releated to wow modding ? or are you just sharing the assets ?
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Greetings This topic will be a bit different I dont have an exact files to download right here rather Im comming with a link to an online cloud storage where I have uploaded my tools that I have gathered or made myself for wow modding so with the exception for some of them that I lost due some HDD crashes 7 years ago tools are going to be hosted on online cloud service from Thanks to this you can now access the tools from anywhere and download only the tools you would like to and nothing else ( or just grab them all anyway) The link provided will be continualy updated as long as ill be able to give it newest tools made and resources that Im using for wow modding Todo: -Add youtube tutorials for tools -Add links to original owners/repos of the tools Link to the Online Cloud Storage Links to some interesting tools in the repo: ADTs Lastest Noggit Ground Effects Adder Obj to ADT GrullME FileLoadInfo BLPs BLP Convertor - BLP Photoshop Plugin BLP Lab BLP Win Shell Extension DBCs / DBs DBCtoCSVtoDBC Utils LightMapper WDBXEditor - Keira 3.0 M2s / WMOs GlTFtoM2 LightAdder M2Redux - Multiconvertor - MultiListFile - TXID Fixer - MPQ / CASC MPQ Editor (I prefer 3.2) CASC Explorer FuckItUp Ultilities 010 Editor Resources WoW Logo Creator LoginScreenTools WoW.Export
  11. make patch and put DBCs into DBFilesClient\.. do same for server and it wont work cuz the language used in this pack is RU so english serever will most likely bork out so open any DBC editor extract the CSV and rewrite names to ENG from original MOP DBC or use Stoneharrys spell editor to do the same but insted of CSV you will be in SQL
  12. All prices were reduced ! Sylvanas 40$ --> 10$ Alexstrasza 50$ --> 35$ Zaira 40$ --> 15$ Draka 50$ --> 35$ Geyah 50$ --> 30$ Draka+Geyah 60$ --> 37$ Chromie 35$ --> 6$ Tanya 20$ --> 6$ ValeriRE 40$ --> 15$ Aquila 50$ --> 25$ ValeryC 35$ --> 9$ Acku 35$ --> 9$ Varianna 40$ --> 20$