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  1. Yeah its locked behind double clicking on mpq archive such a lock is unbeatable
  2. I know Do you want to know how ? I took those 5 seconds to look into what I downloaded and saw it there
  3. If you dont find anyone to do this in time you can contact me and we can make an agreement but im very busy right now so I wont be able to work on it right now so im just throwing it out here that in future if you dont rush I could do it (in 3+ months minimum)
  4. green texture just mean missing blp file also that mount is propably just incorrectly downported you must have some bongus data in it
  5. Because wow model viewer is loading only certain parts of it or has simply fail safes in code that does not crashes like wow
  6. Kloveriell of Silver Covenant Kloveriell of Silver Covenant is High Elf aka Quel'Dorei that does not really has a fully filed lore but I was quite inspired to make this character so I just did so Price: 12$
  7. Can I have this gear in the game that you present on web ?
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Resizing script for 010 editor with attached M2Template that its using script is unoptimized and will run for a long time on complex models that has more than 100 bones and lots of animation sequences (model with 150 bones and 140 animations took me 25 mins)
  9. In new noggit you defire where it has import list in settings as for WMV log its in usersettings folder of WMV
  10. Successful attempt on making female Varian Wryn id say
  11. The is no other way around In eyes of server you are in middle of a ocean where is no land and thus it will give you exhaustion
  12. when is Mmap/Vmap Extractor extracting NavMesh data its looking on Liquid Type if its Ocean then such region will be marked as area that server uses to give you exhaustion so you should make all water around your island an water not ocean in noggit then extract maps and give it to server