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  1. Warden checks for these things so you should avoid using the multijump LUA edits maximum jump and maximum climb angle there is also FrameXML listed but I never got banned anywhere with that so someone would need to check but this EXE is not meant for hacking on live servers but for testing/developing/ or servers that specificaly allow such changes Offset Size Description 0x420541 0xA WS2_32.Send check 0x48A2CC 0x6 Unknown Chat Related (Called by CGChat__AdChatMessage) // Cypher 0x48A2F0 0x5 Unknown Chat Related (Called by CGChat__AdChatMessage) // Cypher 0x48D4A0 0xC AddChatMessage 0x490430 0xC SendChatMessage 0x49DBB2 0x7 Protected Lua Func Check // Cypher 0x4AA9C2 0x5 FrameXML Signature Check 0x5CDC20 0x6 Unknown Falling Check // Cypher 0x61535A 0x9 Unknown. CGUnit_C Member Function. Uses SummonedBy/CreatedBy. ?? // Cypher 0x681778 0x5 0x7B9D42 0x6 Unknown. Movement related. (?) Only Xref uses CInputControl. // Cypher 0x7BAA98 0xC 0x8C8398 0x8 Maximum Wall Climb 0x8C845C 0x8 Gravity // Cypher 0x8F7AC8 0x8 Jump Velocity // Note from Cypher: Physics sucks ass, its not really velocity but we're calling it that anyway. 0xB93714 0x8 Unknown Login Check (Parental restrictions??) // Cypher
  2. I have added a new file to the topic that is a script containing offsets to edit the wow.exe so you can make your own edits and exclude any that you dont like or that would get you banned on servers that has working warden (list of warden checks is listed here )
  3. Dont think so since its editing LUA i heard they ban those you can remove that and it should be safe
  4. download any nsfw mod from darknest and downport it ?
  5. Valeri (female Hunk Finished)


  6. TRP is incredibly sophisticated even version 1.1 is complex af I cant imagine how far has TRP3 gone backporting it to LK would be nice but it would be quite a lot of work
    Guess im too corrupted from using lasterst models as nostalgic as this can get I would love to see this done with the HD models but nice idea tho
  7. its hozen they always look retarded
  8. Emote.dbc ID --> AnimationData.dbc AnimationData.dbc --> AnimationLookUp ID AnimationLookUp --> _Animations Sequence _Animations Sequence --> AnimationData.dbc
  9. generate mmaps vmaps switch water from ocean if its it add it to map dbc set proper map type
  10. lshoulder_plate_garrosh_d_01.m2 rshoulder_plate_garrosh_d_01.m2
  11. just place the texture to "CREATURE\GARROSH2\GARROSH2ARMOR.BLP"