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  1. lshoulder_plate_garrosh_d_01.m2 rshoulder_plate_garrosh_d_01.m2
  2. just place the texture to "CREATURE\GARROSH2\GARROSH2ARMOR.BLP"
  3. You can demonstrate whatever you want but I already told you where should texture be in first reply
  4. texture name is literaly mentioned in the model CREATURE\GARROSH2\GARROSH2ARMOR.BLP
  5. Broken geoset of some sort kinda looks like cloak a bit
  6. "Aquila Empyrean" - Quel'Dorei High Priestess



    1. Hahaha


      I love this! Amazing attention to detail here.

  7. Version 1.4


    There are two versions of WoW 335 executable here: WoWGen11.exe which - contains all features listed down below INCLUDING the hacky ones such as multi jump WoWGen11_WithoutHack.exe - contains all features listed down below EXCLUDING the hacky ones such as multi jump List of Features - Removed MD5 / SIG - Game version changed to my name initials and discord tag (A.S.E A2#6767) Release date to Dec 14 1337 for fun The real version of this file is still 3.3.5 - Druid on level 101+ get NO error when opening Base Stats - Every level 101+ can sit on barb Chair without Error - Does not Create CACHE file -Added LUA UNLOCKER you dont need to Manuly Unlock LUA functions via any 3rd party program this Exe has most of them unlocked by itself so far unlocked are (AcceptBattlefieldPort, SetCurrentTitle, UninviteUnit, ReloadUI, FocusUnit, ClearFocus, ... , InteractUnit, CastSpellByName, CastSpellByID, Movement functions ... , CancelLogout AttackTarget (error is still printed)) - Is able to Load Data directly from the folder no need to place them into the MPQ eg - M:\Client335\Data\DBFilesClient\ItemDisplayInfo.dbc is a viable path for wow.exe to read it in case wow.exe is in Client335 - Does not uses scan.dll to detect Cheat Engine at all - When you zoom close to your character it wont get transparent ========= HACKY FEATURES========= - Allows Air Jumps at all time - You understand to every lang - /follow works simply on everysingle target no matter what target Due to popular demand im going to list of some Offsets for the edits I have done so you can do edits on your own or remove some unwanted functions
  8. So I'd wish but that too far right now untill i came up with proper pack of characters that I will release for free
  9. Greetings To kick things off i want to say that ill be selling my work here that is locked behind paywall due to amount of time iv spend on it and I feel like i should get paid for it or the second case is that im selling work that someone commisioned me to do and if he paid some money for it im willing to sell it for exactly same amount to others as well unless the one who commision the work to me would say otherwise To buy the model click on PayPal button it will redirect you to CheckOut Site where you can buy the model after payment is done you will be redirected to Download site First item is Sylvanas Windrunner model from Heroes of the Storm ported to WoW This will be testing phase I will add other models later on when I get this system working correctly Price 40$ If you have any problems with buying stuff contanct me via PM or DM on my discord "A2#6767"
  10. Version 8.3.0


    Here is the Download link for the lastest M2Redux since the last version i found here on MC was 4.5 or 4.6.1 so here you have the lastest one I do not take credits for this it mere repost the file was taken from M2Mod tool prives way to operate with Blizzard World fo Warcraft model files (*.M2 and *.skin). It reinterprets them in *.m2i files, that can be imported into Blender with scripts. If you wish, you can produce *.M2 from your edited *.m2i How to use. Install Blender Download latest Blender m2i Scripts and install them into blender Use M2Mod to produce m2i file and import it into Blender Edit your model Export your model to m2i file Use M2Mod to create new m2 file based on exported m2i and base m2.
  11. I was not expecting normals users to use this on common servers so this is mistake on my side too for not researching the warden enough to know that i could get you banned I will maek some very "safe" exe since some of those functions are 100% undetectable but seeing what warden can do I need to take out smth
  12. Anyway after researching wardern closely it seems that its detecting the LUA Unlock so i will edit that out with other stuff to make only visual edits
  13. No idea what detected in it but you can still appel on unban as they cant prove anything malicious and if they do then tell me what they claimed i can maybe imagine that server checked that client does not visual asccept barber costs or smth and it thought its a hack which is nonsense since price is checked by server and edit in exe wil lcause no advantage as I dont play on warmane i have no idea what they do or not id have to go and see myself
  14. Tanya Edenoth - Female Worgen that escaped sylvana's attack on gilneas and flied to Northrend to hide from undead asssasint sent to finish her off now she takes fights back Price 20$
  15. Draka Frostwolf - shaman Draka is a Maghari orc that traveled to Azeroth with horde and later on was send to far outpost of the horde on island where she lived for many years and defended said island from evil power including dark shamans and scourge of lich king Draka is one of 3 childs and she was training the Kali Magnus Hammer Smith in art of controling fire and also teaching her ways of spirits to master the shapeshifting abilities Price 50$ Geyah - shaman geyah is second variating of a Draka model Price 50$ You can also buy both DRAKA and GEYAH DRAKA + GEYAH Price 60$
  16. Warden can to some extend detect multi jump feature thats all also LUA unlock is bannable as well but only if they figure out you are using it which is almost impossible as well unless you gave it aways with most fucking obvious way possible which i cat neven think of right now Aka if you would use non hack on any server chance of you getting banned is almost non existant
  17. Zaira Zinexia Are'nath the Blood Elf Fel Warlock Zaira was a blood elf female warlock that had to escape her own homeland for her crimes that she commited in burts of anger due to her mastery of fel all of those " anger burts" were literal bursts of destructions and it made her life much harder but all was not lost she found herself comfort on distant island where she could train her powers without being bothered by anyone Price 50$