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  1. Great Can you also post the mount ones? Maybe a good solution for this would be to edit the PvP tiger model to remove the battle standard (or force transparency) because it uses two texture files so you could keep them at high resolution. You can see that the pvp mount has much better textures than the normal ones. But I cannot find any tools to edit vanilla models.
  2. Do you have access to the original tiger textures (should be 512x512 size)? If you could share that, I could probably do a better job with the textures.
  3. Also, have you ever noticed how gnome mounts are always on 100% brightness?
  4. By the way, I did some snooping around and found something. I wonder if you can confirm. Is it true that which weapons an NPC wields is determined 100% on the server side and cannot be edited? (unless on client side you change the looks of the model in every instance) I ask because I am kind of bothered by Scalding Broodlings' pickaxes. This could be an error on server side, but maybe they are supposed to wear some particular pick-axe item for some unknown reason, in which case it's an "error" that the new model has the ability to hold weapons. I am thinking about asking the server admins to look into it, but I am not sure if this is how it works. Another problem I've found with a model is that female nagas don't hold one-hand items (mace, dagger) properly. It's on the back of their hand, not in their hand:
  5. Uthil, may I suggest that you add a separate patch that contains the models that you worked on but haven't included in the main release (earth elemental, bat, chimaera)? They are still very nice, you could make it an optional installment.
  6. All of the new weapons look better than the original models. I say keep them all. People can delete the files they don't want. I also suggest, if it is impossible to change only Dagon to reverse the change because Deepstriders are common and Dagon is just one quest. I also think T2 generally looks great and isn't a high priority for replacement. If I had all the files, I would probably only replace warrior. But Uthil, I am conflicted about one thing. You modified the WoW.exe to enable the new gear models. Let's suppose this is OK with respect to anti-cheating measures, but.. I already use a modified version that enables 256 sound channels (see this: https://forum.twinstar.cz/showthread.php/94969-Question-about-a-modified-exe?p=741649&viewfull=1#post741649 ) Can you modify this .exe instead?
  7. Have you figured a way to use separate model for Dagun and Deepstrider Giants? It's really a shame if they can't be separated. I think you also switched bats to old models. I really prefer the newer ones.
  8. Found a few more things: ZG raptor (not the mount, the boss; the mount is OK) Frostsaber tigers (No idea if mount is OK, haven't see one in a while): Yellow scorpids (grey face, also it has parts mixed with the red scorpid texture, like the tail): This moonkin model: Did you also replace chimaeras with the old model? I think the new model is much better, regardless of casting animation.
  9. Very nice! By the way, I noticed some fixes (no more black textures in some places) but I don't know if you did it or was it because I deleted WDB again. Anyway, three new things I noticed: Wings on bug trio have no texture, totally black (I can try new drivers, new WDB, re-entering instance, but if others have this problem, it might not be me). Spotted tiger mount has a black tail: White tiger mount has visible lines on hind legs: I also wonder if you could release the earth elementals separately, because they worked fine. Maybe there are also other elemental models that can be used instead (for fire, water, air), and not the ones you tried? Those can also be released as a separate patch. And lastly, you fixed the hyppogryph nest textures (for Night Elf flight masters), but isn't there also a new model available?
  10. I also wonder if it is possible to change the model of Dagun the Ravenous from sea giant to an aquatic faceless backport (http://highfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Faceless_Ones?file=Water_Faceless_One_-_Abyssal_Maw.jpg). It's a very nice quest-line, one of few mentioning old gods and such; I think it would be a very nice touch.
  11. That's a shame about the elementals. They have nice models and good animations. Do you have any news about player characters? Really appreciate the work, man. Cheers.
  12. Happy to see the harpies fixed. I still do not understand what the hell was and is going on with batwing textures on my computer, can someone confirm that these wings look wrong? I am still wondering if there is hope for these two. Have they updated the models on Legion on retail? Here are a few more things I'd like to see. These don't involve model editing per se, but if you don't implement it, I'd appreciate if you, or anyone, could point me in the right direction. I think one can edit the .dbc files somehow to accomplish the following: - scale down the new infernal model - replace Baron Geddon, Pyroguard Emberseer, Lord Incendius and Overmaster Pyron with their original models without replacing all of the fire elementals (and since fire elementals have new models, maybe also change Baron Charr and his invaders to this same model i.e. change their texture to orange instead of lime). Of course, you would make a separate patch.MPQ with the new dbc files, but I don't know enough about their structure to understand what I am doing.
  13. Two more bad mounts: Red Wolf and Black War Kodo. Bronze whelp is also bad, not just plagued one in Scholo.