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  1. You want to look at the M2‘s „events“ block: https://wowdev.wiki/M2#Events Likely there is a $SND that plays on the MountSpecial track which directly has the ID as data. There might also be a different event that triggers the sound, without data set, meaning it is referenced via CreatureSoundData, which is referenced by CreatureDisplayInfo.
  2. Not all flags are known sadly, but https://wowdev.wiki/DB/CharSections#Flags 17 = playable | unknown 19 = playable | barbershop | unknown So both should be available on character create. I don’t know what the unknown flag 16 does, so you may want to try to toggle that. Other than that, setting 1 and 2, and unsetting 4, 8 and 32 should enable skins for all classes and make them changeable in barbershops.
  3. https://wowdev.wiki/Client_Error_Analysis
  4. The compiled versions of boost etc are bound to a specific version of msvc. I don’t know about the others.
  5. Ocean type water always is at height 0. If it isn’t ocean, no idea
  6. Waters also don’t blend with blizzards editor: what you see in the first picture is actually just one type of water. Noggit has a button somewhere that will generate depth based water transparency. I don’t remember what it was called. Just paint only ocean and hot that button, then you get exactly that effect.
  7. as for the other two, yes, extract maps for that thing. server doesn't know about it. of course you also need to re-"extract" the dbcs if you changed them. as for difficulty etc, no idea, that's up to your emulator. instance_template or alike.
  8. The first is that you copied some wdl file that doesn’t match your map.
  9. Copy spell icon row, change filenane; change spell row to point to different icon?
  10. Please make a proper bug report, or this can’t be fixed.
  11. If it is the same error, there still is some chunk with fewer textures than ground effects assigned. Be sure to make the brush as large as possible to hit all chunks.
  12. Wait, this is a patch on the *encrypted* version of the exe? How did you go about finding the location in that, or the other way around, how did you determine the encrypted values to patch based on the decrypted ones?
  13. Prefer patterns over hard offsets. Usually they work for multiple expansions.
  14. Have you tried to make sure it is the buff being the issue by changing the condition to something else, like your name or “true”? Are you sure that at the time of that calculation, auras are actually applied?