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  1. If it is the same error, there still is some chunk with fewer textures than ground effects assigned. Be sure to make the brush as large as possible to hit all chunks.
  2. Wait, this is a patch on the *encrypted* version of the exe? How did you go about finding the location in that, or the other way around, how did you determine the encrypted values to patch based on the decrypted ones?
  3. Prefer patterns over hard offsets. Usually they work for multiple expansions.
  4. Have you tried to make sure it is the buff being the issue by changing the condition to something else, like your name or “true”? Are you sure that at the time of that calculation, auras are actually applied?
  5. May 16 2018: https://wowdev.wiki/M2#TXID July 1 2018: https://youtu.be/3C5No8cl4t0 But yeah TXID is an unsolved problem.
  6. If anyone working on noggit would invest time in that, they hopefully would not do some shitty exporter but actually move to newer versions.
  7. Did you read my link?
  8. In the water panel, there are some options to set a factor to modify the depth. Yes, it will automatically do fatigue. The default factor should result in identical depth requirements as blizzard. It might not be automatically but require a button press in the panel.
  9. The transition for deep water should be automatic in current versions of noggit, depending on actual depth, like for official maps.
  10. https://wowdev.wiki/Client_Error_Analysis#0x007B31F8_read_0x00000010
  11. Consider supporting Lowell and Graeme by buying a license at http://www.sweetscape.com/store/purchase_010editor.html if you're using 010 Editor on a regular basis.
  12. You can get the filenames from the model itself. It is as simple as opening the file in notepad and looking for blp.
  13. how did you fix the last one? I'm not going to look at all the models for you.
  14. What model is that? 526866 world/expansion04/doodads/pandaren/stove/pa_stove_open_01.m2 ? And you have world/generic/goblin/passivedoodads/kezan/items/tooncloud64b.blp world/expansion04/doodads/pandaren/stove/pa_stove_01.blp world/expansion04/doodads/pandaren/stove/pa_table_arc_01.blp world/expansion04/doodads/pandaren/stove/pa_soup_01.blp ? Does it have particles https://wowdev.wiki/M2#Texture_definitions with https://wowdev.wiki/M2#ParticleColorIndex non-zero?