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  1. WMOs has both, own geometry and M2 based doodads.
  2. Solve what? You didn't actually show what's wrong.
  3. No, it may not be the cause. As I said, the error is guaranteed to be the id missing from your client. Are you sure there is no patch, eg in the locale directory, overwriting it? (Hint: there is.) remember that locale is load *after* non-locale MPQs.
  4. That file is not read by the client, or a patch file that is load later than yours contains a map.dbc as well. The error is guaranteed to be that the map.dbc the client sees is not containing the id. You don't have to look at anything else.
  5. https://wowdev.wiki/Client_Error_Analysis#0x004057FB_read_0x00000004
  6. Let me guess, you set the path within that confit file? Noggit no longer reads that. Set it from within Noggit.
  7. Even for noggit it is required that the DBC is in either the MPQ last loaded (well, that your version is the last version loaded). It will prefer disk over MPQ though, so that's why it works with using patch-5.MPQ (and on-disk) in noggit. The game will overwrite patch-5.MPQ's Map.DBC with patch-$locale-2.MPQ or whatever is last, so it won't work there.
  8. You want to modify SpellShapeshiftForm https://wow.tools/dbc/?dbc=spellshapeshiftform.db2&bc=671288d314b47645f04c373e938f4d4c#search=&page=1 where the CreatureDisplayID columns link to the model to use.
  9. - i have never heard of such version. There is 1.x and 3.xxxx. - that does not answer the question of if the files actually change on disk - you did not answer if other changes are saved - you did not answer if the model spans multiple ADTs when you say “spawned again after a few minutes”, do you restart noggit in between? Do you move to a different map and back? Do you move within one map?
  10. No idea if they do it manually. Probably priority weights and rest is automated. I guess fingers are always an early target.
  11. They should be referencing different subsets of the same bones, like some very low level just not doing fingers, having only one submesh for the entire hand.
  12. And you’re sure the files are actually saved? Check the log file. Check the files on disk. Do other edits get saved? Does the model span multiple ADTs and if yes, do you save all of them?
  13. Look at models with lots of bones, that’s what limits .skin levels. You can see that in game even when you e.g. look at character fingers. In wod there was a Statue in alliance garrison pvp building that was visibly different depending on distance.
  14. But you did see my above post that not only links the complete documentation but also a retroporting guide, right?