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  1. Hello! I switch the bloodelf race to alliance faction, but now i get stuck at the flightpoints from Silvermoon and Tranquillien. The flightmaster has all the alliance nodes, but he doesn't show Silvermoon and Tranquillien. I look trough the TaxiNodes.dbc, TaxiPathNode.dbc and TaxiPath.dbc, but i dont find a flag for the faction (Alliance&Horde) who can use this taxi node. Does somebody has an idea?
  2. I try Graturals idea, but in character creation and character select screen i only see the range weapon. Any other ideas?
  3. Mhm i mean the character login screen not the screen ingame if i press 'c'
  4. Doey nobody has an idea? I look into CharacterScreen.lua and xml and the ChrClasses.dbc, but i found nothing about this
  5. Core: Trinity Core Patch: 3.3.5a Hello together, I notify that the hunter characters only shows range weapon at the character screen. For example the warrior class shows every weapon like swords, etc. Does anybody know where i can modify this?
  6. Thats the problem: if (CharSectionsEntry const* entry = GetCharSectionEntry(race, SECTION_TYPE_SKIN, gender, 0, skinColor)) GetCharSectionEntry returns NULL: std::pair<CharSectionsMap::const_iterator, CharSectionsMap::const_iterator> eqr = sCharSectionMap.equal_range(uint32(genType) | uint32(gender << 8) | uint32(race << 16)); for (CharSectionsMap::const_iterator itr = eqr.first; itr != eqr.second; ++itr) { if (itr->second->Type == type && itr->second->Color == color) return itr->second; } return NULL; The eqr variable contains the wrong values. So the "for loop" exit on the first "run" and returns null. I dont know why...
  7. Mhm i activate the race 9 in SharedDefines.h. Did i forgot something?
  8. Hello, i convert my old 3.3.5a trinity core (2014) to a new 3.3.5a core (2016). I create goblins as custom race, but now if i want to create or login i get the follow message from trinity core: So i try to debug it. I think something with the CharSelection.dbc is wrong, but i dont know why. See attach for my CharSection.dbc Does anybody has an idea? CharSections.dbc
  9. Okay i understand but how do you know the connection between the skill id in log and the skill id in dbc? Trinity write in log that skill with id 163 is not possible for this race/class combination, but you look for skill id 144. How?
  10. But i dont understand the dbc: Where i say: "This skill number 12345 is allow to race -1 and class 1"?
  11. Hello! I use a Trinity Core 3.3.5a (fresh release) and i create only a single class (class id = 1 warrior). This class has every weapon skill (for example sword, bow, wand, etc.), but if i log in my core create this error message: Player::_LoadSkills: Player '%s' (%s, Race: %u, Class: %u) has forbidden skill %u for his race/class combination This message appears when the core load the skill 163 (Wand). Is it possible to add the skills to the class? Do you know where?
  12. Hello, i modify my spells with the spell editor from stoneharry. Now i have a problem that my spell (for example a Fireball) dont hit my target, because the target has a higher level. Does anybody know which attribute i must set to pretend this hit miss?
  13. I found my code line: local targetLevel = UnitLevel(self.unit); UnitLevel returns -1 by high level target. That is the problem... UnitLevel is a internal function, right? Can i modify or override the function?