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  1. Hello there, now, we are working on Legion, here is some Quel'thalas
  2. Was bored and I maed this And also a lil update of Stratholme
  3. Last time was Lordaeron, now Theramore, with an extra isle. Still a wip tho.
  4. Sup folks. I just wanted to show our newest work on a restored Lordaeron, now known as Tyr! All of this was earned by the players RPing, they fought the plague and won, so... they get Stratholme back! (We are a RP server with almost 10 years, so... shit happens, rite?)
  5. Sup guys! I would like to share a few screenshots from our RP server, just to know what do you guys think about it! This images are from our custom Alterac, now property of Lordaeron and the forsaken, so... What do you guys think?