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  1. Just finished my guild base building system!
  2. You can see some of my boss examples on Youtube above, they were all written in Lua using Eluna for TC 3.3.5a. A lot of DBC editing were done for the custom spells and their models/model attachments. There's a lot you can do with a few edits and some code. Perhaps it could be of some inspiration.
  3. Add Launcher & Patcher Support Core Features Download your server patches automatically Automate server joining process Keep patches up to date Tutorial 1. Fill in your server's name 2. Fill in your server website's URL (i.e, or 3. Select the correct version 4. Enter the name of the remote directory where patchfiles will be found (i.e downloads) 5. Enter the name of the remote directory where the download folder with patches is located (i.e downloads) 6. Fill in your server's realmlist 7. Click Generate 8. Click configure patches 9. Click select patches 10. Select all the patches that the server should automatically download 11. Click configure 12. Open application's folder 13. Transfer the server.dat to your website's root directory (i.e 14. Transfer the patchfile.dat to your remote download directory Result - How To Patch, Connect & Play Thanks for following my tutorial and I do hope you find use for the launcher - it should make it easier for you to distribute your server's patches and keep your player's clients up to date. Please tell me what you think, I'd love to hear your opinions!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Multi-Client Launcher & Patcher A launcher that supports multiple-clients and servers as well as patching for custom servers. Written in C# using Window Forms. Please report any issues that you might encounter. Git repository: Core Features Support for multiple client versions Support for all locale versions Live server reachability status Automatic cache deletion Automatic realmlist updating Simplistic Server Adding Patching for custom servers Server admin suite for developers Multiple custom servers in one client folder Open-source Showcase Video Any developer can add support for both the launcher and patcher using the simple server admin suite. Once support has been added players can keep their client patched and up to date using only two buttons. Please tell me what you think - I'd love to know! How to add launcher & patcher support for your server:
  5. Sometimes I am proud to be Swedish.. even if it's a cover.
  6. A relatively up to date image. Replaced my mouse a couple of times but other than that it looks the same. Sorry for the camera quality, I shattered the main camera so this is taken with the selfie camera.
  7. There was a huge request for a multi-client launcher so I decided to create it and take it one step further with patching support for funservers. Still much work to be done but the foundation has been laid.