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  1. Wungasaurus, Thanks for your reply. I painted it all Ocean and clicked on 'Regen ADT Opacity', anyway it changes color around walls. I mean water still all the same color, but well, looks fine so maybe I'm leaving it this way. Thank you!
  2. Hey there! I want to get this water effect: But Noggit 3.2614 waters does not seem to blend: What am I doing wrong? Any idea? Thanks!
  3. Hey there! I'm working on Noggit and I got this issue with an Imported .m2, How does it looks on Noggit: How does it looks In-Game: Any idea on how to solve this please? Thanks!
  4. Thank you! In order to extract the maps I just need to place my Custom MPQ with .wdt .adt and .wdl files in Data folder and extract normally?
  5. Thank you for your answer! Anyway, I got that .wdl from a Template.wdl. How do I generate my own wdl? EDIT: First problem solved. I was not saving the .wdt file after Generating Data. Thanks Wungsaurus
  6. Well I think errors on screen 2 and 3 are maybe because I did not add "map" on "maps" folder from Core. I need to use "mapextractor" in order to create it? What about error on first screen?
  7. Hey there, I'm working on Custom Maps with Noggit, I want to do a Custom Instance(5-Man Dungeon). Can someone help me how to make this? I see that dungeons works like (you go through a door that teleports you to the Dungeon Map) maybe MapDifficulty.dbc? Problems I have: Character Selection Screen (No Map Name): Unknown Area/Zone - What's that Square???? Hope you can help me, I'm totally new into Map editing... Thanks!
  8. Hey there! I want to add a gameobject to my server (3.3.5a) it's an existing gameobject but seems that collider is missing, does not matter which gobj type I put players can go through it... Any idea? Thanks!
  9. Hey guys! I'm so happy I found this forum. First of all I'm developing a 3.3.5a Custom Server, and I'm trying to add custom races. To start, Naga and Fel Orcs. I got these problems: Naga: Male Model does not load textures. (But Female does) FelOrcs: Female Model is bugged af. I think it's because .m2 does not exist for Character\FemaleFelOrc? Also, Only customization to avatars is Skin Color, can I add more customization? I'm new into modeling so I would love to get some help from you, Thanks! Some screens: URL Link - Naga Male Create Character URL Link - Fel Orc Female - Create Character URL Link - Naga Male - In Game URL Link - Fel Orc Female - In Game