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  1. Selling a work you have not made. Damn bro, Karma will hit you hard.
  2. Yo, if you asking for help, at least tell us the steps you've done, the errors you getting. The fuck do you expect from us with the details you're giving? To send you a .rar with them custom races?
  3. Working with some customers, still I will deliver the work you need in a reasonable timeframe. What are you waiting for? Discord: Tonga Adk#9156
  4. I do not at the moment but it's possible, yes. Please, contact me via Discord: Tonga Adk#9156
  5. NEWS Price has been lowered to $105 from $152! I have sent features for FREE to everyone who bought my 'Race Event' script including: Inner Pit! - You will be able to implement the Inner pit. Extra companions - New companions are added to the Event with new abilities for their racers. Extra vehicles! - New vehicles added for your racers! ... AND MORE! All these features has been SENT TO YOU FOR FREE for having bought my Race Event at the original price of $152. In case you want to buy another kind of script you can contact me via Discord: Tonga Adk#9156 There I can send you a list of my already-made scripts, or you can ask me to script whatever you want to implement on your server.
  6. I want to sell some scripts + scripting services. An example of my scripting skills: Discord: Tonga Adk#9156 I can literally code anything you want to implement into your server, also I can work with the WoW Interface such as Character Creation screens. As you can see in some of my work here: I can give you a list of some existing scripts I have to sell via Discord: Tonga Adk#9156 Reasonable time-frame, plus price. Great work quality, efficiency is my second name.
  7. Contact me via Discord Tonga Adk#9156
  8. Yuan, It is possible, yes. It will require some work as retroporting tho.
  9. Update. Added Paypal Button:
  10. Addikted

    Race Event!

    Today I'm showing you my most recently creation. Inspired by stoneharry's Race Event, I'm bringing you, my own Race Event script. Work made by myself 100%. Shoutout Rochet2, for the info about Player storage. LET'S RACE! FEATURES Map Area Mirage Raceway Ambient Music! Music will be played on-loop to ambient the Race Event! 'Racing', buff will be casted on every player inside the Mirage Raceway, disallowing them to attack players from the other faction while they are inside the Area! Mirage Raceway is now a Sanctuary, no Free-PvP will be allowed! Still, duels are allowed!, also players can instant logout while they are inside the Mirage Raceway! No more objects floating in the air, I have fixed them all! Obstacles! Added objects (some are custom!) to the Race to add more difficulty to the Race! NPC, Daisy, the Race Starter Girl > Sign/Unsign Racers! Signed up racers will be shown on a list (refreshable list by clicking on it), up to a max. of 5 racers. In case you want to look for more signed up racers a new menu 'Show more racers' will appear for you to look for every signed up racer! Racers will be displayed with their name faction colored, their own Win/Lose records plus a Win Rate Percentage! > Bets System! Racers about to race will be displayed on a list for players to be able to bet on their favorite racer! NOTE: A min. of 50 Gold is required to make a bet. This value can be edited. Common fund plus personal funds from every gambler will be shown! NPC, Fobeed, the Race Announcer This NPC has been scripted to announce everything! When does the race start or ends, the racers placement, and even disqualifications in case there are players trying to cheat by leaving their vehicles! NPC, Magus Tirth Scripted for thirsty players in the desert, that are indeed, looking for a cold drink, is it maybe water?... maybe beers?... he has tons of options for you to pick up! Well... I won't explain more, he will be saying these things for players inside the game! Creature, Gravelsnout Surveyor Enemy creature that will spawn over the third obstacles, slowing down every nearest racer with their mighty frostbolts! NOTE: A min. of 4, and a max. of 6, Gravelsnout Surveyors will spawn each race. You can edit this value. Creature, Frenzyheart Tracker Enemy creature that will spawn on the latest obstacles area, be careful, their nets will catch down anyone who dare to race there! NOTE: A min. of 3, and a max. of 5, Frenzyheart Trackers will spawn each race. You can edit this value. Race Event Race will start if there are 2 or more players (max. 5) signed up to race! NOTE: Min. racers required to race is 2. This value can be edited. Racers has their own vehicle and companions! Horde racers will ride a Mechano-Hog with a Goblin for their moral support, while the Alliance racers will ride a Mekgineer's Chopper supported by a Gnome! (Companions buff their racers!) NOTE: You can change player vehicles and companions. Crowd will spawn cheering them racers! (Sounds included) NOTE: Crowd will despawn once the Event ends. Random Pickups! A new, customized object, these will spawn when the Race starts, players that pick them up will receive one of the following buffs: > Slow: Reduces the movement speed of the Racer by 60% for 3 seconds. > MEGA Rocket: Stuns an enemy racer between 40 yards for 4 seconds. > Entangle: After 1.5 seconds will entangle an enemy racer between 40 yards in roots, immobilizing it for up to 4 seconds. > Speed: Increases the movement speed of the Racer by 75% for 5 seconds. > Divine Shield: Protects the racer from all spells for 6 seconds. Anti-Cheating racers! Any racer leaving their vehicle will be disqualified and teleported out from the Race. Any racer avoiding obstacles? No problem, it will be teleported back STAY ON THE ROAD! Reward System! Racers will receive rewards according to their placement! Levels, Experience Points (XP), Money, Items, Spells. NOTE: By default racers won't receive any rewards (values at 0). You can edit these values. A max. of 5 kinds of items, and spells can be granted. (Spells may be given to be learned for the racer) If racer does not has space for the rewarded items, rewards will be sent to their mailbox's. Winner! This racer has an own and special phase once he wins the race! Yes, yes, it includes fireworks ♥ (Because who does not love fireworks? Light-ones because WE DO CARE about them pets and childs!) GENERAL NOTE: Pickups & Landmines can be only triggered by racers, players that are not racing will be teleported out of the race in case they want to trigger a landmine or get a pickup. GENERAL NOTE 2: Race will automatically end if the numbers of racers is 1 and the racer has not completed half or more of the checkpoints. GENERAL NOTE 3: Racers that leave the race, logout, disconnect, teleport... will get a lose on their records! EXTRA INFO Checkpoints will search for players on a range of 10 yards. Pickups DO NOT respawn and can only be triggered once. Landmines Knockback's base points is 80, they DO respawn with a default value of 120 seconds (2 minutes). Players (not racers) trying to get a pickup or trigger a landmine will be teleported out of the race. Race will end automatically after 5 minutes, couting a lose on every racer that has not ended. Or if there is only 1 racer left and this racer does not has at least the half of the checkpoints passed. Racers that logout, disconnect, teleport... will get a lose on their records. Racers that leave their vehicles, will be disqualified, teleported out of the race and will get a lose on their records. Magus Tirth talks every 15 seconds. The min. bet amount for gamblers is 50 gold. The min. number of racers is 2, and the max. number of racers is 5. Racers can receive rewards depending on their placement: levels, experience points, money, items, spells (can be teached for them to learn the spell). By default, all values set to 0, which means no reward. ... YOU CAN EDIT ALL THESE VALUES, by editing the script and re-compiling your core. IF YOU WANT to be available to edit all these things inside your worldserver.conf, since it's a feature, price will increase. DOWNLOAD My 'Race Event' script has 0 known bugs, but, in case you find one, I will fix it for FREE. You can ADD more Features, the price will be about the feature. For these things feel FREE to send me a PM into my profile. SI QUIERES MI CÓDIGO DE 'EVENTO DE CARRERA' TRADUCIDO AL ESPAÑOL (Visualmente dentro del juego) ENVIAME UN MENSAJE PRIVADO A MI PERFIL. Code only includes the outer pit (the big one), if you also want to be available to race into the inner pit, send me a PM, of course since this is a feature, price will increase. EL CODIGO SOLO INCLUYE LA PISTA DE AFUERA (LA MAS GRANDE), SI TAMBIEN QUIERES CORRER EN LA PISTA DE ADENTRO, ENVIAME UN MENSAJE PRIVADO, POR SUPUESTO, COMO ES UN ADICIONAL, EL PRECIO INCREMENTARÁ Q&A 1. How do I implement racers rewards? To add rewards, you just have to edit the 'race_rewards' table inside 'characters' from your DataBase. By default inside there are 5 rows (5 placements) with all values set to 0, which means no reward from that type. 2. If I want to change the checkpoint's max range they search for players do I have to recompile my core? Yes, since editing those values via 'worldserver.conf' is a feature. If you want to add more features just contact me via PM. 3. Does your script includes the inner pit of the race? No, my script only includes the outer pit, if you want to include the inner one, since it's a feature contact me via PM. 4. I have found a bug, what do I do? I have tested it, and I have not found any bugs. Still, if you find one, contact me via PM with the steps to reproduce it, and I will FIX IT FOR FREE. 5. Your event has been scripted for which core rev.? My script has been developed in TrinityCore rev. d4680bb2b250 2020-01-28 , it may be different from your rev. And YES, I will FIX IT FOR FREE. (Only for 3.3.5a versions, another version in case support is needed fee will be charged) 6. How do I reset racers stats? In case you want to do this, only way to do it is by deleting stats from racers you want to inside 'race_stats' table inside 'characters' from your Database. Can be made via command, but since it's a feature, if you want to add it send me a PM. 7. What kind of features may I add? You may add features like editing stuff like race time duration inside your worldserver.conf file (no more compile needed), automated tournaments system with awesome rewards, ranking system... and more! Feel free to send me a PM. In case you did not understand, I WILL FIX FOR FREE ANY TYPE OF BUG, OR ERROR you have importing my script inside your server. CONTACT - Send me a Private Message (Ac-Web / Model-Changing) - Discord: Tonga Adk#9156
  11. Would be cool if you showed old models, and then the change. Just an advice, good work.
  12. Aight thank you, I'ma check it asap. Will be possible to fix my current map? Or do I need to start over again?
  13. I started this map project on NoggitSDL_3_1408 << Bug started here Then switched to NoggitQt_3_2771 << Bug still there Any idea if I can fix this? Which is the last version?
  14. Help please, I can't be the only one with this bug...