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  1. Would be cool if you showed old models, and then the change. Just an advice, good work.
  2. Aight thank you, I'ma check it asap. Will be possible to fix my current map? Or do I need to start over again?
  3. I started this map project on NoggitSDL_3_1408 << Bug started here Then switched to NoggitQt_3_2771 << Bug still there Any idea if I can fix this? Which is the last version?
  4. Help please, I can't be the only one with this bug...
  5. Hey! This appeared on my map, after 'Saving all tiles', and I don't really know how to fix it, I've tried (I know some of these things has nothing to do with this glitch): * Applying darker texture * Re-loading .wdt file * Create the .wdl file * Fix all gaps ... No effect at all Any help will be preciated, thanks!
  6. UPDATE I think I may be adding up wrong way geosets. I've tried adding 'em numbers (0, 1, 2) obviously it does not seem to work like that because those seem to be array's indexes. I've also tried to add up SubMeshID's from M2SkinSection Submeshes inside the .m2 file still did not work (I ain't getting results I'm watching at the MWV)
  7. But hozu monkey I'm trynna copy (first post image) does not wear a helmet. Like the ogre I'm trynna copy, it's shoulder is like blue-toned : Which is this one inside the .blp: But inside WMV geoset does not show me that shoulder, so I'm kinda lost here.
  8. @Grindi amazing, thank you. I've done all that (on my ogre model), because I don't know why but the monkey model is invisible on his face (maybe .m2 file is corrupted?), but I can't take off the ogre armor, and also I can't apply the correct shoulders, I mean, in the ogre shoulders .blp appears the shoulders I'm looking for but they don't get applied, another ones get applied. And to take off his armor, I tried deleting the texture from the .m2 file and reducing the textures number to -1 (it was 6 textures, I reduced it to 5, and deleted the armor texture) but in-game it appears as black. Hope you understand:
  9. Is there some tutorial on how to do this? Geoset by hand? I aint that friendly with hex editors so retroporting is kinda pain in the ass to me. Anyway, thank you a lot, really you are the only one who helped me so far.
  10. I'm sorry for the delay but here are some screenshots: CreatureGeosetData has been set to 4453, and 9, respectively.
  11. Thank a lot for your answer. I've copy/pasted existing values from Blizzard, it did 'work' but I got two models, one of them it looks 'transparent' I mean, I can see everything through it, and the other one has an invisible model. I just copy/pasted CreatureGeosetData from Blizzard to my dbc file. Any idea?
  12. How can I achieve the look I'm looking for? He holding a fist weapon I know, I need to import the weapon (I don't know how to find the .m2 file tho, gotta keep searching) but what about the armor?
  13. Hello, is this how the model should really look? Here is the exact same model using another armors (another .blp's) I want it to look exactly like this one How can I manage to achieve this look?
  14. This is how does my retroported 'ogredraenor' looks inside WMV. Inside game WoW.exe crashes with 'INT DIVIDE BY ZERO' error. Any idea how to fix this please? Thanks! INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO This sub category treats TYPE=INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO. The remaining error message should be empty. The entries here are referring to ADDRESS. Since the address alone might not be sufficient to track an issue, the remainder of the stack trace in the error log may be included. 00837A90 A .skin file's skin section has boneCount = 0.
  15. Hey there, I need help because I'm so newbie at model editing. I downported a model from BFA to wotlk, and got error can't divide by zero. After some research, found that this is because .skin bones has value of 0. How can I edit to correct this data? How do I work with this? Please help!, thanks! Model: ogredraenor.m2