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  1. Greetings! I'm workin on a WOTLK 3.3.5a Custom Fun Level 255 Server! I've got tons of ideas, stuff already made, like a portfolio I could show of course! In order for me, to make an awesome server I need a custom map developer, I would buy custom maps (I will show the idea, of the map). Also, if you want to work with me, as my Co-founder, we could make an awesome team project, with you as a map developer, and me as the script developer. I can take care of spawns, items creations, spells, etc. (everything else) PROFIT WOULD BE 50%, 50%
    Awesome toolpack. Thank you a lot Amaroth!
  2. I got a .m2 that has hardcoded texture 'lavatentacle.blp', I want to change that color to green so how I do that? How do I place 'lavatentaclegreen.blp' instead? I already converted models with Adspartan Multi converter, not working.
  3. I can't fix those problems. I changed the texture type from hardcoded to anything else using DBC I placed the texture on columns 16-21 (I think was the numbers) but did not work. I changed the texture name into the .m2 file still did not work. Added the texture name into the .m2 file still did not work. And the helmet is not showing properly, why is that? It's placed the same way as Pandaria DBC
  4. I'm trying to import some weapons and armors from MoP to WOTLK I want to change a WEAPON Texture which is hardcoded: Texture name hardcoded default: ITEM\OBJECTCOMPONENTS\WEAPON\LAVATENTACLE.BLP Texture names I want: ITEM\OBJECTCOMPONENTS\WEAPON\LAVATENTACLEGREEN.BLP ITEM\OBJECTCOMPONENTS\WEAPON\LAVATENTACLERED.BLP ITEM\OBJECTCOMPONENTS\WEAPON\LAVATENTACLEBLUE.BLP And I'm also trying to import a helmet, looks like this: Any idea how to solve this?
  5. Great, thanks! Yes, mine is from MoP, btw do you know how to change this mount color?ón-de-los-aspectos I'm trying to re-color it but seems .m2 textures reference to .blp's inside SPELLS folder, I'm kinda lost. In .dbc CreatureDisplayInfo mount has no textures applied, like it .m2 automatically applies textures, how can I recolor it then?
  6. UPDATE I fixed but now it looks like this: It's the model fine? Or I need to fix something? Smoke seems kinda small, or when a player mount it will be good?
  7. Hey guys I'm importing this model into 3.3.5: But it looks like this in-game: Any idea how to solve it please?
  8. I don't understand anything at all in the video. You should have explained something, I mean, I know that you programming there, but, that tutorial is not teaching me, it's showing me how to copy/paste, and I'm not getting it... Could you explain me a lil bit please? Thanks! BTW, you pretty intelligent bro, what you doing there is amazing.
  9. Thanks for the answer. I'ma check that video today and reply about it. Meanwhile, I tried latest version and tons of versions of CASC View and Explorer and could not open Legion 7.3.5, says 'Failed to open storage'.
  10. Hey guys, Im trying to import models from Legion and BFA, but got these errors: 1- Legion, can not even open CASC View/Explorer, tried lotta version (latest too) and says 'Failed to open storage'. I been searching a fix for 2 days and got no shit. 2- BFA, imported a model, but it's completely white (textures are white). What should I do?