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  1. Last day! 30% discount on already-made scripts! Ask for the list via Discord Tonga Adk#9156 List has been updated
  2. 3 days left, 30% discount on every already-made script! Ask for the list via Discord - Tonga Adk#9156
  3. Bump! Get your 30% discount! (until 1/7 on every already made script)
  4. Ask me about the list + prices via Discord! Tonga Adk#9156 Valid until 1/7
  5. Added to the script collection, Dungeons & Raids Autobalance System! - Every creature will scale up ALL it's stats (hp, mana, damage, armor). - Based on an static percentage, default 5%! - Also, you will be able to scale up with an Average Item Lv per player system! System may be enabled/disabled & percentages can be modified through worldserver.conf!
  6. Yes, like @UndeadMurky said, if your AI is falling off from .wmo's then it's mmaps related. Re-extract them (for your custom map)
  7. AI will fall off from .m2's that does not have terrain under it. If you want AI to stand over an object, it must be a .wmo
  8. Selling a work you have not made. Damn bro, Karma will hit you hard.
  9. Yo, if you asking for help, at least tell us the steps you've done, the errors you getting. The fuck do you expect from us with the details you're giving? To send you a .rar with them custom races?
  10. Working with some customers, still I will deliver the work you need in a reasonable timeframe. What are you waiting for? Discord: Tonga Adk#9156
  11. I do not at the moment but it's possible, yes. Please, contact me via Discord: Tonga Adk#9156
  12. NEWS Price has been lowered to $105 from $152! I have sent features for FREE to everyone who bought my 'Race Event' script including: Inner Pit! - You will be able to implement the Inner pit. Extra companions - New companions are added to the Event with new abilities for their racers. Extra vehicles! - New vehicles added for your racers! ... AND MORE! All these features has been SENT TO YOU FOR FREE for having bought my Race Event at the original price of $152. In case you want to buy another kind of script you can contact me via Discord: Tonga Adk#9156 There I can send you a list of my already-made scripts, or you can ask me to script whatever you want to implement on your server.