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  1. Hey guys I'm importing this model into 3.3.5: But it looks like this in-game: Any idea how to solve it please?
  2. Great, thanks! Yes, mine is from MoP, btw do you know how to change this mount color?ón-de-los-aspectos I'm trying to re-color it but seems .m2 textures reference to .blp's inside SPELLS folder, I'm kinda lost. In .dbc CreatureDisplayInfo mount has no textures applied, like it .m2 automatically applies textures, how can I recolor it then?
  3. UPDATE I fixed but now it looks like this: It's the model fine? Or I need to fix something? Smoke seems kinda small, or when a player mount it will be good?
  4. Hey guys, Im trying to import models from Legion and BFA, but got these errors: 1- Legion, can not even open CASC View/Explorer, tried lotta version (latest too) and says 'Failed to open storage'. I been searching a fix for 2 days and got no shit. 2- BFA, imported a model, but it's completely white (textures are white). What should I do?
  5. I don't understand anything at all in the video. You should have explained something, I mean, I know that you programming there, but, that tutorial is not teaching me, it's showing me how to copy/paste, and I'm not getting it... Could you explain me a lil bit please? Thanks! BTW, you pretty intelligent bro, what you doing there is amazing.
  6. Thanks for the answer. I'ma check that video today and reply about it. Meanwhile, I tried latest version and tons of versions of CASC View and Explorer and could not open Legion 7.3.5, says 'Failed to open storage'.
  7. Hey there I'm working with Noggit, I placed some models then deleted them, saved map but these models are re-appearing. lawl, so creepy. They don't want to be deleted. Any idea? And what about this texture also? I can't take off that bug. Any solution? Url:
  8. Im using this version I don't understand about change on disk Other changes are saved, if I place models they get saved. Models giving me error are inside 1 ADT only. I move inside the same map, and voilá, objects spawned again. Delete them, save map (all tiles), move again, voilá, spawned again.
  9. This is happening: Noggit tries to save an ADT, but save fails, then tries to save another adt.
  10. Of course, I save with Ctrl+Shift+A (Save all ADT's) and it's saying 'Map Saved'. Models get deleted, but then after a few minutes, they spawned again. Pretty creppy af. Btw I'm using 3.26 noggit version.
  11. Hey there, I'm making a custom instance/dungeon 5 man. Everything works fine, I can teleport to my custom map if I set the map type to 0 (normal map) but if I change it to 1 (dungeon/party 5man) I can't teleport anymore. Yes, I made 2 entries on MapDifficulty.dbc (for type 0 normal, 1 heroic modes) and still is not working. Any solution please?
  12. Hey there! I'm working on a map on Noggit and I wonder how to do terrain stuff? This is how my map looks, I will spawn some monsters there, add some trees and rocks but... terrain is flat, what can I do to improve it? Also, textures, I'm using 1 texture, I tried to mix textures and look bad af. Please help!
  13. 3.2614, I've tried lot of textures and can't find a way to blend them in order to look right, I've played with terrain but does not look good, maybe more practice?
  14. Hey there! I want to add a gameobject to my server (3.3.5a) it's an existing gameobject but seems that collider is missing, does not matter which gobj type I put players can go through it... Any idea? Thanks!
  15. Hey there! I want to get this water effect: But Noggit 3.2614 waters does not seem to blend: What am I doing wrong? Any idea? Thanks!
  16. Wungasaurus, Thanks for your reply. I painted it all Ocean and clicked on 'Regen ADT Opacity', anyway it changes color around walls. I mean water still all the same color, but well, looks fine so maybe I'm leaving it this way. Thank you!
  17. Hey there! I'm working on Noggit and I got this issue with an Imported .m2, How does it looks on Noggit: How does it looks In-Game: Any idea on how to solve this please? Thanks!
  18. Hey there, I'm working on Custom Maps with Noggit, I want to do a Custom Instance(5-Man Dungeon). Can someone help me how to make this? I see that dungeons works like (you go through a door that teleports you to the Dungeon Map) maybe MapDifficulty.dbc? Problems I have: Character Selection Screen (No Map Name): Unknown Area/Zone - What's that Square???? Hope you can help me, I'm totally new into Map editing... Thanks!
  19. Thank you! In order to extract the maps I just need to place my Custom MPQ with .wdt .adt and .wdl files in Data folder and extract normally?
  20. Thank you for your answer! Anyway, I got that .wdl from a Template.wdl. How do I generate my own wdl? EDIT: First problem solved. I was not saving the .wdt file after Generating Data. Thanks Wungsaurus
  21. Well I think errors on screen 2 and 3 are maybe because I did not add "map" on "maps" folder from Core. I need to use "mapextractor" in order to create it? What about error on first screen?
  22. Hey guys! I'm so happy I found this forum. First of all I'm developing a 3.3.5a Custom Server, and I'm trying to add custom races. To start, Naga and Fel Orcs. I got these problems: Naga: Male Model does not load textures. (But Female does) FelOrcs: Female Model is bugged af. I think it's because .m2 does not exist for Character\FemaleFelOrc? Also, Only customization to avatars is Skin Color, can I add more customization? I'm new into modeling so I would love to get some help from you, Thanks! Some screens: URL Link - Naga Male Create Character URL Link - Fel Orc Female - Create Character URL Link - Naga Male - In Game URL Link - Fel Orc Female - In Game