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  1. Hello everyone, apologies if this has been posted already, it seems I could not find it...or understand it if found... I've been using some patches in my WotLK client for some time and I was now trying to make some changes myself with no luck (given that I am a totally new to this topic)...hence this post. The patches I am using are Finsternis Creature/Mount patch, WoD Models (I don't remember the author, sorry), improved armor textures (sh1tdev, found on this site), Sun Light Alpha WoW 3.3.5 (Nicolas, again on this site). What I was trying to do was to change the Druids Moonkin and Tree of Life form by importing a model from another patch (Mounts, druid and other 1.0.0 by astrono1) and insert it on top of the patches I am currently using on my client. Is this somehow possible? I apologise in advance, I have tried to do it myself by checking the Forum, but I had no luck, could you please help me or give me some hints? Thank you for all the help that you'll be able to lend Kryhowl
  2. Hello Gongel, first of all cool job, no doubt! You made me start to wanna try to make my own "patch", but I am having some big trouble...I am trying to replace the Tree of Life and Moonkin for with, for example with 1) other models, but I am having a tough time importing them and also making the game recognize them. 2) the priests Shadowform (to mimic the Astral form later introduced), but as above, no luck in making the game recognize the change. I am afraid I got too few knowledge about this, could please you give me some hints? Thank you very much in advance for all the help you can lend me!