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  1. Do you have the list files for Patches 4 and 5? I am trying to locate certain files and cannot seem to do so
  2. Blah, OK so for those trying to figure this out, I was unable to get it to work (even with a patched .exe) if I was placing the model files into the Wow directory (i.e. Interface/GLUES/Models/UI*) but it you put the same files into an MPQ patch it works fine. Thanks! And may it help others.
  3. OK so I have been trying to do the above, to no avail. I used CASC explorer to get the whole UI_Gnome and UI_Troll directories. I drag the .m2 file over to the linked multi-converter and click the Fix button. After this, I copy to my 335a installation (Interface/GLUES/Models - with the rest of the UIs) and then when I change the code in GlueParent.lua to load the proper one I get a blue and white cube. Any advice? Been looking at random tutorials for 2 days trying to figure this one out. Thanks! P.S. I have checked for proper path file names, etc. This isn't the problem. Its the M2 model, I'm quite sure of it!