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  1. Hey Guys, I am looking for the Arathi Warfront for 3.3.5a I tried it on my own but it won't work I would really appreciate it if someone could provide the ADTs and WMOs for it. Thank you very much
  2. I tried your tutorial and it worked fine but I dont have any textures applied to my model. I tried to stick with Alastors tips but I really don't know what to do, Textures should be imported with the .OBJ normally but there is none. The Video he posted got deleted unfortunately. Perhaps someone can help me pls?
  3. Hello, I tried to convert "elwynntreecanopy04.m2" to Wotlk with the new textures from Legion. But unfortunately it didnt work I took whole folder "trees" where several other .m2/.skin and .blp files are located. After I put them into the converter I make a custom patch and put the files in there (I guess the converter saves the files from where I dragged them in for example the files are from "Legion 7.3.5/ClientFiles/Worl/Azeroth/Elwynn/PassiveDoodads/Trees" then they get saved in the same folder right?). Then I tried to look at them in the WMV for 3.3.5a (ofc after I put the custom patch in the 3.3.5a Data folder) but everytime I see the damn ugly old tree I know it maybe sounds ridicoulos, but is there something like a "step-by-step" guide for this?
  4. Is there some way to donate to you?
  5. UltraNic

    Favorite Corner

    haha this is so awesome
  6. Years after watching "Never stay tuned" Machinima again I suggest you boys try out this precious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GscSTPv1EM8
  7. I am working on transforming Deathknell to old glory back in the Lordaeron days Ofc it isnt completely done but I am working on it P.S. constructive criticism is highly appreciated
  8. This river looks awesome O_O
  9. looks really cool!
  10. A new update to my renewed Eastern Plaguelands (Darrowmere Forest) For the last picture it would be really nice if the lamps could "resonate" light ingame, like this torch.
  11. Hey guys so I've been working on Blizzard ADTs and adding new groundobjects to each ADT and it worked fine on the first ADT but when I put 25 ADTs on the groundeffect adder and afterwards put them into ground_Doodad_fix and replaced them with the old ADTs in my project directory I got ingame and everything started crashing! Its always the same error: I was looking around the internet for a possible solution and got here: http://modcraft.superparanoid.de/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3627 It seems like this one solution from "Vel" should be working but I really dont have a clue what he means so I am pretty much on a lonely island. If someone could explain me how to fix this error without losing my whole work I would really appreciate it! UPDATE: I really dont know why lol, but when you go into Noggit and change something after the crash, save it and pack it into your patch and my error is gone. Just go ingame, ride around and remember the place where you got the crash, go into Noggit and change something on that ADT where you got the error before (I deleted a small skeleton corpse for example) save it and update your patch with the changes you just did in Noggit. Go ingame and everything should work again, at least that worked for me lol
  12. Thank you! It finally worked! So glad that this part is done now
  13. great tutorial, I like them even better than the original blizzard maps haha!
  14. No "Groundeffects" folder or "groundeffects.bat" are in the wowdevkit.