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  1. I don't know if you have already did that, but ignore basetype between 0 and 4, they are for old sd models, when modifying HD races. 5 = skin, set up flags to 19 6 = face, should be ok 9 = naked skin, set flags to 19
  2. You didn't read the thread. I don't call massive boycott for RPH, Roccus did, not me.
  3. This kind of guy... my god.... Ok, TrinityCore is an emulator for World of Warcraft, but everyone knows that the original game is World of Warcraft, did you understand that ? It's the same thing for modding, i don't want to waste time arguing about this stupid argument. Stop confuse everything with shit examples and things that doesn't make sense with the original subject of this thread.
  4. There is a difference between using a custom patch as a player and stealing a content, posting it on another server forum, and got all the credits for it. If i stole your rootreader, and claim i am the creator, i don't think you will enjoy this trickery The more annoying part, is when ppl think the leecher is the original creator, and the leecher get a lot of thanks from this other community, and you, the real original creator is considered as a fucking rat, this is what happened to Roccus here.
  5. I will speak as Administrator of Kuretar, Kuretar is not involved in this conflict, it's about leeching / steeling content whatever, between some ppl, not a conflict between servers, i prefer to clarify this, before some ppl said "kuretar and roccus want to attack RPH, woooow" If people wants to waste their time by doing this, then do it, but do not involve Kuretar in this drama. Thanks. Edit : my fucking god, Nortwin grow up, little childish nerd with 2 IQ, don't compare AMC Series with WoW emulation, you are good at one thing, donating money, then keep doing this and shut ur mouth.
  6. MD21 header isn't that clear for so many ppl, i understood this long time after legion release
  7. Si tu prends un m2, n'importe lequel , genre world/arttest/boxtest/xyz.m2 Si tu l'ouvre avec 010 editor, tu vois Size : 4212 Si tu prends la valeur a coté de MD21, tu vois une valeur en hexa : 60 10 00 00 (4192), c'est la oldsize, ou whatever le nom de cette variable, celle dont Wungasaurus parle. Cette valeur corresponds à la taille globale du M2 sans compter les 8 premier bytes du fichier (donc MD21, 4 lettres, 4 char, 4 bytes, et la valeur a coté de MD21 sur 4 bytes aussi ), et sans compter SFID et ce qui viens après SFID et ce qui viens après ça correspond à 12 bytes dans le cas de xyz.m2, parfois c'est plus, dépendant du nombre de skin et ou si y'a des LODs. Et si tu fais le calcul : 4192 + 8 + 12 = 4212, la taille total du M2 Si tu modifie un M2 en rajoutant supprimant des choses, la valeur a mettre la dedans c'est tout ce que t'a entre le 8eme caractère dans 010 editor, jusqu'au S de SFID Tu dois aussi vérifier que ta valeur + 8 + ce qu'il y a après le SFID est égale a la size total que t'indique 010 editor.
  8. Wow such answers, you still talk here ? Funny how the thread was empty when it was not about trama but about finding informations Anyway, i didn't read everything, but i will try to answer some people and never come back after this, (and please lock the thread, seriously.) This is a point i have never been really understanded, i don't blame people using 3.3.5 only for using noggit, some people just want to create maps and nothing else, 3.3.5 is the best version for this. If i seems so mad about 3.3.5, it's about people who wants to create private servers WITH PEOPLE on WOTLK... This doesn't apply to pve/pvp servers, but i really hate people who want to open a 3.3.5 server for players, just because it's easier for them. People want new content, just look at RP servers, the working one like RPH, Paragon, Luzifix's server and mine are all working under Wod or Legion, not 3.3.5 I don't blame the people on 3.3.5 if they only want to do personnal stuff without doing it for people, just move ur ass on a decent expansion then. Schlumpf, you are probably the guy with the best knowledge of Wow after Blizzard employees I was really respectful for all what you did since many years, we are all recognizing for what u did for modding, without you, modding will be really dark for everyone. But... why you have to be such a piece of shit when you are talking ? I was really impressionate by you and what u did when i joined the community And.... i see how you respond. I slowly started to hate you, just because the way you are talking with other people... Schlumpf, you are really a useful modder, obviously most useful than me, but please, learn to be kind with people Yeah i know, i'm hated now, i don't deserve it haha, but be cool with other people, or try atleast ! Oh and yeah, if i didn't really contribute to wowdev wiki, i'm not familiar with the pseudo-code structure and my english is really bad, sorry about that. You are part of people which are doing something great for this community not like 90% of this thread only talking and whining about a drama i've started, keep it up, you are doing awesome stuff ! You have a private server RP (in your maternal language), just like me. I'm curious, you did not fear concurence ? Imagine if an another german server rise, use what u did on this community and became the 1st german server ? This is another reason what i did not share everything, i have my own private server and i want to stay number one (thrown it at him not me) Btw, you are cool and i have nothing against you, i really want to help you man but fuck the rest of this shithole community. Random people : => Cata+ is not stable We are running roleplay server, we didn't need all theses features, it's good. So, let's finish with this massive weaboo faggot Like i said, i know what schlumpf did, but it's not a reason to suck his dick when he is really agressive when he talk. => Contribute blabla Like i said, i'm not familiar with wowdev structure => You never give you only take Lolwut ? Then tell me what WDTSupplies is ? When i joined mc-net, i really wanted to be useful for the community, Elrana (i forgot his name) told me than it was a forum about all version modding but... sadly it was 3.3.5 and nothing really change, it just spitted the community with the same threads... So here we go, you want to ban me weabfag ? Then ban me now you have a reason, fucking piece of shit. You can ban me and after that you can masturbate on lolis, do it, i insist ! And please, close this thread, i've successfully created a drama and i'm proud of it, because you can see than this thread was more active when it's about throwing me stones, before, when i wanted to be useful and wanted some help, i got a really few amount of answers haha. I was not really mad about wungasarus answer (even if a thanks will be appreciated, instead of telling me orders), but it was funny to see all your fucking rage, i didn't read the long answers. NOW, CLOSE this thread and you can BAN me from MC.NET ! Good bye.
  9. .... *sight* You know what ? I'm fucking tired of this community, everytime i'm doing something, it's not enough, or i just get more and more critics in my face, how many people did what i'm doing here ? I spend a lot of time for understand how this or this thing is working, it takes me a shit ton of time, why don't i just wait tools from other people like 99% of people here ? No because i want to do something, find something new and this can be really useful. Every time i'm on this community, i'm always being criticized for not being on 3.3.5 circle and not doing ALL YOUR FUCKING tools for modding on legion, Yeaaaah only Rangorn should do something, we just have to be retards with him (i don't speak about useful ppl like Luzifix, Barncastle, or even HadeSpartan who made something good for 335 i admit it) In first this thread was made for proving that we can do something together, but no, i got encouragements from Farrarie and Skarn, some advices from Mr DK, but finally i did it only by myself without help. AND when i finally get the thing working, i didn't see any " Congratulations Rangorn" or good job... noooo, just "give the informations" You know what ? Fuck you. I will not share anything with you anymore, Exactly like Ausswitz said, you are all disgusting, especially you Schlumpf, gfy.
  10. Here we go, this really cool mapping (not mapped by me, Assano is the original creator) ported to Legion ! Where is your god now, 335fag ? Problem is actually, i have really huuuuge ping, will work on my program a little bit more before releasing it.
  11. work with m2 too http://puu.sh/tcvSb/71534feaf8.jpg
  12. Another post, i will try to edit your converter luzifix, but my skills in c# are really limited BTW, if i fail to edit your converter, i will try to make a create a jar program for obj1.
  13. It's working !
  14. The return of the holy crusades Chase has taken Jerusalem and all the RPH Crusaders come here for fighting
  15. Good luck for mapping in Legion, there are problem with the visibility of m2/wmo spawned, i still don't know why