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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Some models that maybe help you decorate stuff. Models are in fbx format (you can cut it in blender for pieces) then export it as a obj and then convert obj to m2 have fun (tutorials flying around just google it) If someone will need more let me know
  2. I am not related to noggit but for me seems that you removed or renamed one of Your edited adt's the blue wall for me (could be wrong) is end of the map.
  3. Yes missing blp texture or the texture are in bad folder or highter patch overwrite
  4. Change position in blender 180° but You albo need to play with some sort of dbc's to fix back position
  5. Wts Nightbotnr and void elf Ayahne#6076
    Reznik you are legend for me since 4 ever
  6. Hello i can do that discord ayahne#6076