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  1. Hello i can do that discord ayahne#6076
  2. Pm me on private message
  3. send You message check discord
  4. https://gyazo.com/d7c21b4cd25a678fea7615ce3bf980d4 progressing
  5. is this work with 3.3.5a patch?
  6. mostly the addon (that show images of objects) and the select with mouse option. hope i will find someone. Trinity core 3.3.5a lates rev.
  7. hello there i spawned everysingle objects from your relase but there are a list of missing object gameobject_template_trinity.sql could you add them to dbc file? most of the wotlk objects.
  8. ayahne


    Could you maybe help me with this? I mean to make tool like this for buliders ingame
  9. ayahne


    have someone hear about this project?
  10. My server is on 3.3.5a 3 days alredy trying to solve this up. Maybe i can add you on skype or discord? If it possible
  11. I got some problem i created custom map with your tut then try to extract to server and the error is Extract TrekChichiobiektm2 (137/137) Error loading World\Maps\TrekChichiobiektm2\TrekChichiobiektm2.wdt map any help? Latest trinity core
  12. hello there i created my own map elvyn....blp title texture and if i open the map its all black