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  1. Very nice!! However where is the updated version download? so far i only see the OP Links
  2. Thats awesome, can you share the fixed model?
  3. Awesome work but yes some mounts crash client, like the Hand and Brokermount
  4. rr2739

    Breaking News

    Hello everyone, thank you in advance for your assistance,. So i am simply trying to show my custom breaking news, i have changed all the link to my website/alert/index.html I have followed the guide stating that my index.html code must start with SERVERALERT: However no matter what i do its not showing as my news, now it simply doesnt show any news, i added gluestrings in to my patch is there something im missing? Thank you
  5. rr2739


    edited and resolved , was a mistake and was corrected. thank you
  6. Downside has delivered an outstanding work! I had an issue with a patch and it was resolved the next day, i would recommend him to anyone looking for conversion from Legion to WOTLK. Thank you