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  1. Hi. I have a problem with the weapons issue. it turns out that when swap the model of a weapon it is left with the animation of the previous weapon (swap a polearm for a sword, the character realizes the animations as if it were a polearm) This was easy to change in 3.3.5 using Xvi32 in the file / World of Warcraft / Cache / WDB / enUS / itemcache.wdb But in 4.3.4 this does not work.
  2. Hello I was seeing that from tasting the .m2 models are compatible with each other (Cata .m2 = Mop .m2 = Wod .m2) with which I wanted to extract from Wod some models to make a Retro-porting. I saw that another program was necessary (not using .MPQ but another format) so I downloaded the Cask Viwer but when I opened I get the following error: I'm using the 64 bit Casc as my OS. I saw that you need a text listfile (https://github.com/wowdev/wow-listfile) , you download it but you do not ask for it at any time because of the previous error. P.d: I saw a lot of people with this error but I did not find any solution, others say that it is 64bits by itself but use both 64 and 32 and follow the same error.
  3. Thank you! After leaving the modeling issue for a while, I have already been able to import it thanks to the script for editor 010. I thank you both very much.
  4. yes, it is the OBJtoM2.exe classic (for lk) from Blender, I export the model in .Obj, then I use OBJtoM2.exe I do exactly as this video shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rsk6TlyKfdQ&t
  5. Hello It turns out that a few days ago I was remodeling a model of a weapon with Blender and upload it to the .MPQ file the WMV reads it perfectly but inside the WoW I do not load it I do not understand why it does not load it, and edit the wow.exe to accept patches .MPQ Thank you for your answers!