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  1. Hello, i'm trying to import the Cataclysm interface to Wotlk but i never did any modding before... I'm trying first to import the mini-map from Cataclysm to Wotlk. I tried to open MPQ files on Cataclysm data, i found some blp files in MINIMAP folder located in local-enUS.MPQ and i replaced them in the same mpq file in Wotlk. But it doesn't work, the mini-map is exactly the same and i don't have this window with multiple select 1635423376-172196.jpg (194×354) ( I tried also to do the same with the minimap lua and xml located in the framexml folder but i got an xml error after launching the game Do you think it's possible to do that ? Or i could never play with a modern client UI with this old expansion ?