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  1. I have made a WMO for a dungeon before. These are snippets from an unfinished project from 2 years ago. This was (mostly) before the Blender WMO export plugin which made the whole process a lot easier (and powerful). Haven't done anything as complicated since, but recently started remaking Goldshire from the 2001 alpha, which required creating some WMOs for the human houses.
  2. Me too, never found a link for it, but I'd love an open source implementation so I can write a simple script to automate the job. Building dbc files from a DB and deploying them into an MPQ. Fortunately the MPQ part is covered as Ladik's MPQ Editor has command line support.
  3. M2 importer/exporter for Blender would be a big one, I really hoppe Koward's m2 plugin will be available for Blender. Another tool I think would be great, and not too ambitious, is a tool that converts the DBC tables into SQL tables, and can be exported back as DBC. This way it would be a lot easier to work on it(queries) and deal with it using version control.
  4. Cool project, are you gonna do it using the WMO plugin for Blender? If so do you think you'll manage to fix the portals linking the sections? If you want to (or plan to release the .blend file) I could try re-doing the forge to look like modern Ironforge along with the throne room.