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  1. Version 1.0.1


    Hey guys, super basic retexture release. Wanted a cleaned version for my map, made one, maybe someone else wants it. No doodads, still has broken walls, still has doors not sure how to add more interiors, still has weird collision blocking off top of spire and the raised platform for statues or what have you. Huge thanks to @Skarn for the Blender Studio.
  2. LOL, So it's just Ocean hardcoding? FFS. Cheers mate! SOLVED
  3. Yo, my bad if this question was solved elsewhere. I've got a weird issue with my water in Noggit. On a previous project I had no problems, now however, after a major crash and data corruption (maybe noggit got bugged?) the water appears all on the same level, (in this case 0.00). The water should be at 0.0 and -37.00 below the falls. I deleted all water and relaid it out but the problem persists. Any ideas? All water pictured appears in Noggit and should be should be locked at -37.00 height however appears level at 0.00 in game.*