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  1. Update: IT seems it was the issues with compatibility where current BFA does not work with current Blender. Hand to resort to using my 3.3.5a client for my private client.
  2. Hey guys! Just downloaded Blender in hopes I can start designing graphics for my guild. However, upon setting it up with the appropriate addons; WMO specifically. I am unable to load the WoW client onto the WMO addon, within Blender. - Now with WMO enabled in the "User Preferences", along with it's necessary components; the WoW client path, the .txt path in WMV and BLPConverter.exe path. Which are by the way: Having those set, I attempt to load the WoW content through the quick access tab for WMO, then selecting "Load game data" under the game data category. But I receive the following error: Settings are correct, not sure what's wrong, anyone able to lend a hand here? Edit: I am using the latest version of WoW BFA client, which is what is linked to my WMO. I don't know if that's what causes this problem, due to compatibility issues, or not.