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  1. hello community wanted a guide how to extract client legion models
  2. hello good communion come to miss a request or a help as I can import models such as item or weapons or set or monadras of pandaria or legion I need a guide please someone passes me link to start learning about model thanks
  3. yo tambien quiero saber donde o cuales dbc se agrega para tener wings en el wow
  4. but these files I took from a patch that is in this forum and I don't know how to import from another version, you know any guide that explains well
  5. muy buena aporte este patch ya fue lanzado anterior mente o y agregar mas creature o como es amigo si ya fue lanzado me podias pasar link teme original donde lo sacaste
  6. hello community I have an error add a creature model all right I do not get the image of the model in the photo I show I put it as well as the photo that I uploaded from the file is marked blue and numbered is fine as well or which ones I have to put in order I have taken the model of this link
  7. I do not understand that you look at the name files in your picture, I have to be a friend, I do not understand your answer, I am new to that, I am beginning to learn how to add friend models
  8. Hi guys, I need a little help, add a model, all right, the error where your smoke effect comes out, it turns green as I solve that error. because in its model file it does not have the effect of file to add I add are enclosed in blue in the photo of the files
  9. cuantas parte aque ser el corte y que tamañana son
  10. Sorry they are inside Tilesets: what things are friend
  11. Hello, I have a panda mount, it doesn't fly, it just walks, it just gives as a ground mount and not as a flight, how can I fly it, where I have to modify or change please? colgar imagenes
  12. ok but inside the world which one would have to add the music and what would be the command to play and turn off
  13. Hello community, I have a question about how I can run an English mount spell that is within the wow "esUS I want a Spanish client that is" esES "when I put the Spanish client does not give me the spell of ingels
  14. Sorry for the annoying and thanks for answering which of this is to add a music and that it sounds inside the server as a radio what would be the command inside the server please which world is edited friend DB/soundAmbience DB/soundEmitters DB/soundEntries DB/soundFilter DB/soundFilterElem DB/soundProviderPreferences DB/NPCsounds DB/CretureSoundData
  15. how can I put a song on the wow as a radio and that it sounds by means of a 3.3.5 command there is some guide how to do it