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  1. Version 1.0.0


    well I bring you this saddle bfa want to download more models link http://devserverswow.ml/index.php?/forum/12-modeling/
  2. hello i have never done this for something i am asking for your help sorry look that 1 weapon that is a one-handed sword I want to change it to a dagger in the photo you can see I have both hands the weapon is a dagger the head that is up is another direction that is original I want to turn it to the other side as the other that is seen that is modified in db or is model modification
  3. Well, the error is when creating a character, I do not create any character and I get this error Player 18167 has incorrect race/class pair. Can't init display ids. Race (0) not found in DBC: wrong DBC files? Player 18163 has incorrect race/class pair. Don't build enum. How can I fix where that is fixed please
  4. hola amigo puede decir como areclo la textura de una montura me sale de color blanco ya lo converti para worft 3.3.5 igual me sale blanco

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    2. jhoancito


      Well look when adding a bfa mount I convert it to 3.3.5 but I get the creature in white color, everything sometimes comes out some parts with its original colors as an example as a fox mount, the fox comes out in white not its original color

    3. Alastor Strix'Efuartus

      Alastor Strix'Efuartus

      fix TXID first then

    4. jhoancito


      How do I know the TXID, can you explain me please or do you have any guidance, please, I just need that to learn, I would appreciate it a lot if you would help me with that

  5. yo no dije que es un paquete lee bien amigo antes de comentar dije que lo actualizare en la expancion 9.0.2 me falta convertir y provarlo en 3.3.5 en otra lee bien o traducelo bien antes de comentar
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Pack_Montura_Bfa_otra_expanciones.rar Contiene pack Montura De Tierra 71 Carpeta para Vercion 3.3.5a lo actualizare con la expancion 9.0.2
  7. buen aporte amigo seria mejor character con smoke
  8. bueno para mi es m2 tiene que areclado la direccion con programa 010 eso pasa buen oen creature lo areclo asi no se sera lo mismo en characters
  9. I have an error with effect and texture, some model comes out white or lead and some model comes out with the wrong effect, green color, like areclo that two erro
  10. I have an error with effect and texture, some model comes out white or lead and some model comes out with the wrong effect, green color, like areclo that two error
  11. Hello Community, I need a little help from you - My request for help is that the model that the client bfa inputs comes out half ugly I want to make it more HD I mean the image clearer, some guide or you can explain how to make it please there I show you the photo how the mount comes out
  12. y para montura como es la guia amigo sale igual con en blanco
  13. hello I need help as you see in the photo the mount came out ugly I took it from the client bfa I converted it to work in wotlk it comes out as well as the photo how can I improve
  14. Hello, I need help, please, I have a creature that I took from bfa, it is a mount, I have it complete now, how can I add it for wotlk 3.3.5, what else is next?