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  1. You use WMV to import objects into noggit (that's one option alot of people use atleast) To be able to do so you'll need to add the patches to WMV aswell in order for WMV to load said patches.
  2. Hey thanks for the feedback but things has changed alot. Hopefully soon ill have time on my hands for some new screenshots.
  3. Hey sorry for the late response. Sadly this is a common issue that comes from the website itself. It doesn't let you fully download the file because of a file size restriction MW has. Alt download can be found here: https://mega.nz/#!NPYVGK5I!1R0zWeGN06ByZgSD2L8qMP-fTE11uLsH-XyUKYrByGM
  4. Hey man, I hope very soon when I find some time to finish it off. Glad you liked it!.
  5. I'm thinking about what it could be when ever I have some free time but atm I'm out of idea's.
  6. Are you guys using a x86 windows or is your MPQeditor up to date? Cause for alot of people these patches are working fine. Note that my MPQeditor is
  7. Never seen this issue before, just opened it myself again without a problem. Could you try a redownload with this link? http://www.mediafire.com/file/zfxevo4dlfu9v55/Patch-Y.mpq/file
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Hiya, Today I'm releasing my custom map that was created for the contest I hosted on my stream. Apart from the fact that this map has won the contest do take note that this is highly unfinished and will need work & love. The map contains the library of objects used and a small zone that shows my input on how I would see the zone finished. This map is free to use for what-ever purpose & is a great way to get into noggit. To fully be able to use the map files you will need to also download two of my other patches. Hopefully one day someone will finish this into a nice zone. Happy Modding! Poisonleaf
  9. @samsonite18 These are original game files converted to wrath of the lich king. I am fully aware that some are not working correctly hence why the main post says so. It's a matter of missing texture that I havn't been able to track down yet.
  10. Don't worry about it, If you are thinking about & planning to make a server like that just know it will require alot of work, patience & dedication. To be a server online you'll have to compile a core onto a server, For the landscape you'll have to look into working with noggit & creating your own patches as well as custom items & elements from BFA. Those are usually retro-ported (converted) to an older client. At this point they are two major client that people work with, Either the classic 3.3.5a (Wrath of the lich king) that has the most tools & maybe even focus but also has it limitations. Or legion where fewer people work on but can create a more up-to-date experience. I think that's about everything in short. Offcourse there is much more to discuss about this but I would suggest trying to think for yourself what your goal is and to do some research here on the forum. - Poisonleaf.
  11. Same, I made a recolor for WSG for someone and he uses it on everyone private server he plays on. Including Warmane.
  12. Hiya, The time is now to vote for the winner! As we are awaiting for Skarn our official judge to make his report, The community can also vote on who thing made the best zones. If you havn't followed the story & has been living under a rock let me break it down for you. Poisonleaf & Sphynx have been going head to head in a five hour stream to create the best looking Jungle themed zone. The rules we're simple with as mean subject to have atleast one ADT of play-able area. It is however needless to say that we did not finish the map in five hours but we're able to select atleast one sreenshot for your judgement. Voting will end Friday 20th of July. at 21:00 GMT+2 Personally I would like thank everyone who tuned in and made this evening to be unforgettable. It would not have been the same without you all. You guys were awesome! Below you can watch the VoD's if you want to relive the amazing evening. Poisonleaf's Side Sphynx's Side May the odds be ever in our favor. Poisonleaf Sphynx Thanks for everyone for your vote. The winner from this contest is Poisonleaf! Congratz!
  13. Tune in tonight for the World of Warcraft zone build battle Poisonleaf Vs Sphynx! Starting in 30mins @ https://multistre.am/poisonleaf/sphynxwow/layout4/ See you there!