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  1. Do you have the new character models? I am pretty sure the bakedtextures from BFA looks like this if you apply them to old models, and vice versa.
    Very nice, thanks for sharing!
  2. Hey Leon, I think you would at least need to get your hands on this first: Very good tool. However, although I do not know your experience with DBC and M2 files, I would assume you are quite new. My best advice to you would be to start very small at first, and then take on bigger tasks. I think there are some tutorials around, but in my opinion, I think it is good to work easy and not stress yourself with too hard tasks. Oh and btw, I found this old utube channel: Try and check some of the videos out, they are old, but they give good insight in retroporting Hope this helps a bit
    Fucking awesome, thanks a lot man!
  3. It's good for when you want to edit those files to your own custom files... Do you have this for WOTLK (3.3.5a)?
  4. I thought this was very good until I found that you could air jump all the time? Sorry but this really bums me out.. Do you by chance have a version without it? Or maybe a reference to another modded wow.exe that doesn't include things like that?
  5. Sorry for the spam of comments. I think it is a very good guide, but there are a few alternatives you can do underway: The first one being that you can convert the dbc to a csv file and then use a text editor. This is more save and fast than the DBC editor in my opinion, but you do need a "help" line: ID,Race,Gender,Skin,Face,HairStyle,HairColor,Beard,Head,Shoulder,Shirt,Chest,Belt,Legs,Feet,Wrist,Gloves,Tabard,Cape,0,Texture, texture should be like this forexample "textureName-312.blp" This way you can just mark forexample shoulder, and type in the should displayid. Also the second thing that you can do is, to export the file as X3D.. This gives you a .png file instead.
  6. Most blp converters work from .png to .blp and vice versa, so i recommend you try exporting it as a .png file instead and try with that.
  7. For those of you with invalid textures, ie: the texture is all green or very messy. It is because you converted it into a bad .blp file format. Pls refer to this page it is very good: It says on there it should be this: Palettized, 0-bit alpha (P0) - Example: character skins, clothing. Good blp converters let you choose the correct file format to convert to, alternatively if you do not got a good one, I guess you can try to change the file format of the png - sometimes I have had this work in the past with some simple converters, but I am far from certain this will help you without much trial and error.
  8. The creaturemodeldata seems to be working really well. There are a few errors that needs to be changed manually, but other than that it seems really good good work.
  9. Looks great by the looks of it, will deffo test it out later - thanks
  10. I am not sure what exactly the value is for, but my exact same models/textures have the value 9 instead of 7 (shown in the picture). I am pretty sure 7 is for icon only items, but I am may be wrong. Worth a try atleast I think. EDIT: m2/mdx prefix shouln't matter at all btw EDIT2: This is the weapon you ported, it doesn't work well with 3.3.5a client (I think that is the problem at least), but it shouldn't be a white/blue box... If changing the value 7 to 9 doesn't work, I suggest trying a different converter. I suggest finding the newest one on this site, and then using the newest version of retail. That worked for me at least. This is what my DBC looks like: Hope it helped
  11. This is weirding me out more and more, the creaturedisplayinfo should be correct and has been for many retro ports... But that's not to say I didn't do something wrong. My creaturemodeldata looks like this: I have included 3 more lines, which are working. Both Al'akir, alexstrasza and ladyalexstrasza are working perfectly if that is any help. Murloc2 isn't working. EDIT: I think I see my mistake now.. let me check if / has anything to do with it... EDIT: Oh god I am a retard, thought I had fixed the slashes... anyway thanks all it works now.. Turned out all of you guys were 100% right afterall, thanks a ton.