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  1. I'm not someone who want any conflicts with anybody except for two things: respect and content stealing. That's why I call every proud modders and creator of various content to boycott and attack RPHeaven and their service to teach them a lesson about respect and not to fuck with us. I know I'm not the only one who suffered from their shit, that's why i'm making a call for everybody who want to get their sweet revenge. I'm even calling the biggest heads into this. Recently after one of their members used this patch: no problem, I made it public and I had the credit on their server. UNTIL THIS WEEK where I see that they came to the server I work for to take a private patch for their own use and lying about the fact he tried to contact me so with no permission he just posted it, aka my tricorne i adapted from a free .obj from borderland and one beanie of BFA I made from A to Z from a screenshot. So I told everyone there that it was my work and that I wanted it to be taken down. and the shit started. I'll just post the proof of how cancerous they are and how much they need to pay and get boycotted. At first I was ok with the taking, it was done, it's over but when they lied and took me for a fool, i changed my mind and asked for the shutdown Then I tried to be as polite as posible while being extremely upset and this what their admin answered me and the following pictures are what happened next (Yes I could only harass and spam them sith multiple account since they insta-ban me): And personnally the best one yet that is an insult to every server and people who work hard to make exclusive content: and they even told me on discord "We will never shut it down" "We will keep stealing ur patches" Yes it can be cringy to some or child play but it's not ! It's not just a patch shutdown battle anymore it's a fight for the respect we, content creators deserve. OUR work, OUR right on it, OUR fight against the fucking leechers that think they are big cause they steal from everybody. I won't stop even if it last for years, never ! And i won't just shut my mouth like some did, accepting the fact that they couldn't do shit about it (and i'm not judging or insulting you, I understand that you want not to waste time !). We need to strike where it hurts, they already have no reputation, a reputation as high as that of a pig in the mud shitting itself. But that won't keep us to push them even further in this mud. I'm calling you fellow modders and content creators, unite and strike this leechers hub and teach them a lesson ! Even if I have to fight alone, that won't stop me. And you ?
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    Salut je suis français aussi, normalement j'imagine qu'il doit exister une texture/image dans les fichiers de l'interface du jeu pour le curseur. As-tu essayé de regarder par-là ?
  6. Invisible model in game means you fucked up the md21 chunk with its m2oldsize 4 bytes most of the time. Do as i wrote it in my legion tutorial. Only thing that changed between 7.1 and 7.3.5 m2 are chunk order and modelname offset in the m2 and some skel model which you can t edit right now. Despite that. Everything s the same
  7. Anim files and /or skin files are fucked up. Or your SFID ou AFID chunks are wrong
  8. Actually you can look bfa models, a new geoset has been added to make better tabard. so now you have a real chest geoset for tabard. I personally don't have the time to do it.
  9. Tabard is not a 3d model It takes char texture. Torsoupper and torsolowerthing. Only "tabard 3d model" is the lower part which is a geoset from the character model
  10. ah mirrored ! thought you wanted unique texture. Yep Everything's mirrored, except if you make a unique npc then you can give him a custom non-mirrored texture yes. Or edit the UV Map for your character and redo all tabard texture to fit the new UV
  11. All versions normally since i work only on Wod/Legion
  12. there's already a shitload of tabard with unique texture, it's only a flag to change in itemdisplayinfo. Just compare guild tabard and a pvp tabard for example.
  13. It's the BFA updated collections system. Each collections has an armature linked to a specific combination of race_sex. This armature permits to link the armor geosets of the 3D parts to the player models through weightpainting. Old system, 7.0.X to 7.3.5 was only one weight on each mesh which were independant of each other and not the same as the other armatures for the same armor. All combinations or race_sexe for the same 3D armor had a different model, armature and weighting. In BFA it has been updated, still the same way of processing but the armature system changed like the weighting. You can now as you see, weight paint whole pieces of mesh to be mapped to legs and chests. Which was not really possible in Legion. Still Legion handles this perfectly even if it's BFA.
  14. And here's again the new update:
  15. Well since I'm in a good way of working: 2 more races to come
  16. Made something really epic with a power of over 9000
  17. Well I'm currently working on AnimationData for some project of mine but I don't think your problem resides there. I'm not sure I still have lots of little things to test to really be able to tell if yes or not this is the answer. I'll come back when I have all the answers I need.
  18. cast the spell and equip weapon is how i do it on servers. Or Unsheath and cast the spell. It shoudl keep the weapon in your hand, if not, maybe you'll need to do some edits in animationdata I think to remove the auto sheath
  19. There is two "hold pennant...." spell on cataclysm. It does the same but makes you hold a pennant vertically. Same functionnement Or
  20. there's M2i import and export script on the repos where you can download the M2modredux 4.8.13
  21. some geoset flags on the helmet in itemdisplayinfo make the nose and ears of the goblin disappear you may look into this.
  22. You need to go through your M2 with the template and search for renderflags ID, one that has opaque and twosided flags. Then go in skn00 and search for the geoset you want to be two-sided. Then in skin01 search the same geoset and replace in texture..... structure the renderflag ID by the one of the M2 that has the two_sided setting. Or simpler. Go on you model on blender. Select your geoset. go to edit mode, select all in the left menu, chose duplicate. Right click to deselect the moving duplicata and go to shading menu if i remember correctly and "flip directions" to flip normals side. So you won't be needing to edit skin files to have the two_sided effect. But your model will have more vertices which can be a problem for 335 version.
  23. Anyway, I had the public link shut down finally, but still that doesn't change the fact about what happened.