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  1. Hi, For my part, i work on a command that allows to reload the integer of the hotfixes tables in Legion 7.x cores. A video of the work : The cache problem has been solved, now i have minor problems that concern only the local tables (items string, etc...) It's really funny, the reload changes instantly ... I changed AreaName Goldshire to Pornshire and a hundred players saw the change live: p EDIT: Final product, thank to Barncastle for the locales issue
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This tool allows to find the FileDataID according to the path of the model. It is still unstable but works. I foresee in the future a filter system by format. Thank to Rangorn for this RootFile Reader
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, this is my first share in this community, This little tool allows to find the hash of a DB2 for TrinityCore hotfixes tables (7.x)
  4. Why documented, nobody intends to do anything on Cata + bigkek
  5. "terrible procedure" I run two programs, one to make compatible my map (Cata +) on Noggit, the other to convert Legion (mine + the one of Rangorn :)) and the turn is played. Where is the problem? WoD + Legion (flag that extends the texture limit by chunk by 8 instead of 4) but nothing will change for you, since you do not have that on your TLK. There are also improvements to Vertex Shading.
  6. hey rangorn I just finished the _lod generation software the .exe is complete and thank you for sharing your obj fix to merge it to my program btw, good job it was a pleasure to collaborate with you !
  7. https://puu.sh/tdrEs/27607e60fa.png