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  1. where can I download Riu’s zone masher?
  2. I have test this cool tool.I convert all from 7.3.5 and use version 3.3 but I met some issues: world/maps: maybe we can automaticly delete *.wdl because it will cause client crash(other question:can I create wdl by myself?); wdt can not be read well by TC maps tool so we can not generate maps/vmaps/mmaps; convert maps will missing areaid information,maybe wmos areaid also missing.
    I think this tool very cool and useful. I have test something!cool
  3. sorry my English. Thank you very much, and many like-minded people working! Modcraft is a good site, and he helped me understand a lot of knowledge,but interface is Very bad and ugly The biggest problem is that is not show post in which year ,for example only show posted may 30th,but which year? I do not know whether the information is up to date! at last! Please keep mind and enthusiasm to continue their efforts as a lot of new people, including me, the need for better and clearer to learn and understand, finally we can share, and it has been passed down ......