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  1. The one I use is BLPConverter6 (attached), it gets the job done and I don't detect drops in quality. To view them, I use BLP Lab (link below), and make it the default program for BLPs, so all it takes is a double click to open them, see their contents, and then drag 'n drop them onto the BLPConverter. BLPConverter6.exe
  2. Yo wassup party people, was wondering if any of the big brained minds on these forums knew anything about creating a 'raise dead' spell, similar to the death knight one from WotLK. What I want to do is trigger a check when the spell is cast to see if there are any humanoid corpses around and, if so, create a minion through the nearest one (and causing the corpse to disappear). Unlike the original spell, I want to have more than one minion up at a time, and I want different spells to trigger the creation of different types of minions through corpses. I tried using the original Raise Dead as a basis, but no matter what happens, the spell can only be used once and then won't ever reset its cooldown. Help would be appreciated.
  3. Of course, this should have everything you need for it - just drop it into the interface folder. As for the problem at hand, anyone in the same predicament will probably want to know that I fixed the camera issue by changing the number in 'uint nCameras' and 'uint nCameraLookup' to 2 in 010 editor and copying the values from a converted Blood Elf Female to 'uint ofsCameras' and 'uint ofsCameraLookup'. DiabolicUI.rar
  4. Hello boisies and girlsies! After losing all my stuff in a blue screen, I have taken it upon myself to re-do the work and data I had lost in it, one of which was successfully importing Void Elves down to 3.3.5. However, unlike last time, the process to port the model down has come with some issues, namely that of the fact that when going into Character Info and the Dressing Room, the character doesn't show up at all (as pictured). I feel like this is something to do with camera angles or something, and am hoping it's an easy fix in Blender or 010.
  5. Can someone reupload this please, this is a very big step up from the heavily downscaled Wotlk friendly textures
  6. matte

    Rigging Issue

    Can someone please for the love of god tell me why a 7 hour rig yields nothing but a fucking floating head because I am completely and utterly stumped into the fucking ground with whatever it could be - I've attached the blender file and a screenshot of whatever special witchcraft occurs whenever I load it into ModelViewer. Please someone help me solve this. Sombra2.blend Sombra2.blend1 Sombra2.blend2
  7. Version 1.0.0


    A release of the new Legion female Naga model which has been remapped to fit in Wrath of the Lich King as a race, mainly just a resource for anyone who doesn't want to go through the hassle of re-UVing the entire thing. This includes the m2, skins and some textures (2 skin and face textures, if you want more the premise is pretty simple; just refit the Legion Naga textures to the ones I'm supplying). Thanks very much to Experimenst for making this possible with the downport from Legion to Cataclysm!