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  1. Hi guys! so, I activated some races for my servers, one of them are nagas.. and I decided to try to make them high elves, I beggined modiffing the DBCs CharHairTexture ( ) CharHairGeosets ( ) CharFacialHairStyles ( ) and the last, CharSections because obviously the nagas doesnt have for all the faces and skins like the bloodElfs, so I changed that too ( ), maked my patch with the character/naga_/male and female and the dbcs, the result is this: The females work perfectly in the charactercreate screen and ingame, but the males seems right in the character screen but ingame...doesnt Im very new with this could be somenthing stupid, someone know what could happend? I was thinking in release those high elves when ended
  2. Done! Sorry, I though I specify it