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  1. Hello, I compiled extractors for Cata 4.3.4 and added custom content to my patches according to guides on MC.net and Modcraft. I cannot make MMaps. The following error log points at map ID 150 tile 0_0_. But I have no map ID 150 in my Map.dbc... Maybe the problem is that I have a map with ID 1500 and the other IDs contains only 3 numbers like 930 931 932 etc...?? Idk. Is there any experienced person that can explain the extractor error? See the attachment below: unknown_mmaps_generator.exe_[12-2_15-3-47].txt
  2. Fix? What do you mean? Should I delete models that are retroported and models that are made in Blender from the adts or what?? Several guides on Modcraft and MC? Give me that several links (2-3). I did not find it on google. Thats all what I want, manual that works.
  3. MaxtorCoder, so can you tell me from the beginning how to make these server maps for my custom client maps made in Noggit with the highest chance to succeed? You can PM me.
  4. Server mmap, vmap, map generator that can generate maps for our custom maps created in noggit. TC extractors often crash because modders have custom and retroported models on adts and wdts also can be corrupted from the extractor's view. TC developers do not expect that we will make custom maps. It is developed for blizzlike LK servers.
  5. I wrote you a message about your issue, we can discuss it.
  6. Nice job bro
  7. darthy

    Broken tileset

    Hello, does anybody have an idea how to fix this broken tilesets and why it happens and how to avoid it?
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is Philip TNG's ADT converter 010 Editor based.
  9. Helo MC.net community, I have a problem with adding a new profession skill. I made a link in skillline abylity dbc, item that is created and spell that creates the item. I added the spell in npc trainer in the server database so trainers teach the skill but the spell/skill does not appear in the profession log. When I open the profession with added skill, It does not appear anywhere. Please can you tell me how to make it appear in the profession log? Best regards Darthy
  10. Dear community, is there anybody who has PhillipTNG's adt wotlk>cata upconverter? His download links are dead. If you have the tool can you upload it on MC.net downloads? Best regards, Darthy and Ragnarok-wow 4.3.4 developer team.
  11. Hello, I created an item and a spell that creates the item. I made a link in SkilllineAbylity.dbc, SortedSpell.dbc - the link should add the skill into Engineering. Also I added the skill to NPC trainers in the server database. When I open engineering on my character that has learned the spell, I cannot find it in the engineering skills list. Any ideas how to fix it? Best regards Darthy