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  1. Very nicely done. Looks amazing. One of the most time consuming things ever. Gotta love massive DBC editing.
    So great to have this. Some tools just seem to make customization so much easier. Just started playing with this plugin but love it. Thank you for sharing this lovely gem.
    So many years later and still going strong. (like an energizer bunny)
  2. Thank you for keeping Noggit going. I remember way back when you could only run it on xp (max OS) and you had to have dual OS's or use another computer all together and don't even try to attempt on vista -.- lol. Now back off memory lane, thanks to the constant work all of you have put into it, it still helps create our fantasy world. So glad it didn't die like many other projects. You have kept the dream alive for all of us.
  3. First off I take no credit whatsoever for this, but I have used it for a few DnD campaigns. I'm hoping maybe all of you will find it useful considering everything you do . Give Azgaar some love for making such a cool map creator. Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator on Git Azgaar's Map Generator Demo Hugs and Happy Modding
    Stumbled upon this while reading all the great tutorials here. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for everyone. I'm so grateful that the modding community here is so nice. After all the drama I seen back when WOTLK was live, and coming back years later it seems it really hasn't changed, I'm so glad there is a place that understands we are all people. Sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes we need help. So happy to call this place my new home. thank you for all you do
    Thank you for this. Just really getting back into this after a few years of not even having time to play. I must say you have an awesome youtube channel for someone coming back into modding. So easy to forget everything and be overwhelmed by the changes lol. Thank you for all the help.