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  1. I don't have words to describe this
  2. Amazing, and very much thank you, pretty creature of creation
  3. I fix this with GruulMeEditor. Disabling RenderingThing option fix this, I think Im using big alpha maps, by the way (I dnt know if that is important)... If you dont use them, just disable EnvTerraninShaders to
  4. Someone could re upload this? an open file.. id like to help to finish this
  5. didn´t work. I dont know what im doing wrong. But thx you I was reading, and maybe the problem are this archives. .build.info versions .build.db
  6. When I try oppen my Legion Data folder (, CASCview give me the next error. I can oppen it before, so I think its because I was playing and changing my old config folder last night... so i need a new one. Please, if someone could upload the Config and Indice folder from your Data from Legion I will love you so much. Pleeeaaase, i need halph.
  7. New links Items: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nKYnULn5Tnxz_7UeQh7pEUAGWrWLvRiv Creatures https://drive.google.com/open?id=16gUcX_aMhRxoF5v2V_qV1hpRHgSKoyGE
  8. Thx, you are right. I will find some way to fix i think But thx
  9. Could be some relase of this please