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  1. Hello, i'm working in a store website which will include all service + prices, but for now i can provide you a list in discord, what is your discord to i can contact you?
  2. Bump!! Revamped Questboard system: -New UI. -New Features. -Changed functionality and much more other changes!
  3. Send price list to you on discord, i run lot of discounts when buying multiple services, thats why i don't put price on threads
  4. i can make it to work on 2.4.3, if you still have interest
  5. Hello, i'm making a classless server where are we using a system for spells/talents learning already made, but it need a couple of changes following our ideas, sadly i'm working with 1 friend only and i'm doing alot stuffs at same time, then i decide to pay for someone make this changes in our system, if you have interest pm me and i'll send discord for we deal up with details, thank you Better explaning: The system was made fully in containers stuffs, where isn't really good to work with, we want to use the base system, but change how spells, buttons, etc are positioned, i'll provide all UI that i was working, and explain better when we chat!
  6. Hello, i'm here to sell my custom talent tree based on legion to wow 3.3.5a, you can easy edit level, spellsID, itemID to learn Spells, it requires eluna + AIO, selling it because it was of my old project, i'm not using it anymore You need any custom AIO system with own UI? Feel free to contact me and we can talk about it Prices, more informations through PM or discord Discord: Brøwller Bjørnson#8223 Original post: