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  1. Hello, i'm looking to someone that can edit how loginscreen works, to it read avi format! Or someone that can transform that video as loginscreen! contact me on discord: Brøwller Bjørnson#8223
  2. I'll change it, just ctrl v from my other post and it look black here
  3. Greetings What is Chronicles of Ezherya? Its a RPG game project based in WoW 3.3.5a, our idea its to full remake the game following our lore, systems, etc What we want? For now we are looking to change the whole look of the game, changing: Interfaces, systems, etc Project informations: Ingame ideas: No classes anymore Game itself don't have wow classes anymore, player choose how he want to fight, at starting he'll can choose : 2h Weapons, 1h weapons and shield or bow/gun, players have a few skills in their main rotation, fight style changes when swap weapon Weapons can't be changed while in combat, arenas, battlegrounds and others. Combat animations, rotations and skills : With the "No classes" system, we're goin to implement new animations related to different fighting styles. -When players get in world, at starting on "Introduction quests", he'll get 1 of 3 weapons, with the choose he'll continue the introduction quests unlocking first spells. -Players can swap weapons and change how they play, all unlocked spells are available on Abilities Book, but to using them they need equip the correct weapon for, if i have a Bow skill, i can't cast it when holding a two hand sword. -Skills are unlocked by following main quests or learning them with Fighting Masters. -There will be more fight styles. -Spells art exist. -New animations -Holy and Shadow spells exist. Much more incomming. Factions and Families Families are something very important to our lore, it will exist 8 families in control of the Kingdoms, players will can choose which side he'll follow, each family will have his own main questline, but they'll follow to one questline at ending. -Each family have they own reputation, players can rep through all families, unlocking new features with all families. -Reputation are hard. Player informations Maps informations Pve/Pvp informations Items, professions and gold Recruitment For contact pm me here or discord Discord Link: Thank you. All the ideas here, can be changed, its only some ideas that our staff are working on!, some of that project is already done, and others we're working on! Check our discord to see many more ideas, previews and others!
  4. txID will be fixed for BFA client?
  5. Theres any guide to how convert items to wotlk?