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  1. Hello there. Im trying to make custom map, all good i see it in noggit and can edit it. When i type - .lo map <name> and is here buuut there is my problem - since is custom map (instance) i can teleport via go xyz command. Any idea how to enter ?
  2. Anyway i found solution how to enter - use .go 1398.94 1052.1 30.8865 804 in my case .go <x> <y><z> <map>
  3. Helo there is my project of custom guild system. It has guild reputation, new UI. Is not 100% done but so far there is it Youtube show off
  4. for now is not shared , it need alot work . i will make new videos with updates
  5. It requires core modifications and Eluna modifications so for now is wotlk only