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  1. @sh1tdev missing textures can be found in other versions folders you can edit mpq file I never censorewd file or cerate folder location your wow3.3.5a\Interface\Glues\CHARACTERCREATE. I think you think/told about this textures.
  2. Hi everybody could someone teach me/explain me how to edit character models, creatures and how to add animation to a model, eg a character. How could I can add textures for models from BfA Regards.
  3. Hi @jhoancito I don't speak spanish. I think this is a side effect of a retro port which I can not repair because I don't know about editing model files.
  4. Hello could someone remove for me hood and cape from the back Nightfallen because I would like use this model to my project. Below is link to this model . Regards. http://www.mediafire.com/file/wu75c6w36ldh92p/Nightfallen_female_moonkin.rar/file Nightfallen female moonkin.rar
  5. Hello now I'm create / retro ported a set of forms druid.
  6. Version v3.2


    Hello, I converted / retro ported a set of forms druid. Bear Form: Night Elf druid bear kultiran and for Tauren druid bear zandalari troll Cat Form: pale orc for Night Elf and Tauren Moonkin form: druid owl bear zandalari epic2 for Night Elf and Tauren P.S. : I probably will not be able to fix problems because I do not know how to edit models. If anyone knows how to edit models, please contact me. With a pleasant desire to establish cooperation.
  7. Hi Balkron I use this textures (legion ) in my another mod and everything's work . Could you help me fix this because I'm trying for a few days and I can't do this. Still green textures. I'm new in creating wow mods. Almost everything l don't understand. Sorry for my English. Regards.
  8. Hello now I'm trying fix retro port backgrounds legion for 3.3.5a. I don't know what I must to do.
  9. Hello I got problem with background from legion to wow3.3.5a. Backgrounds got full animated but is almost green for horde and full green textures alliance. How to fix this problem or could someone can fix it I will by happy. background from legion to fix green textures.rar download link for buggy background: https://www.mediafire.com/file/74um49p1mncyzqy/background+from+legion+to+fix+green+textures.rar�
  10. Version 1.0


    Hello This texture ui Demon hunter chang player frame death knight Alliance. And for this command is " /epf mode 5 " link for addon Elite Player Frame (Enhanced): https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/epf-enhanced/files
  11. Hello could someone retro port for me playable character models Troll Zanadalari, Dark Iron Dwarf and Vulpera (male and female). I'm trying port this character but every time when I select modded character game crash. Regards. Sorry for poor English. English isn't my native language.
  12. Version v1


    This is login screen from Mists of Pandaria. You can use patch mpq or put folder interface in to root folder WoW 3.3.5a
  13. Version v2.1


    Hello, I trying make full workable alpha Worgen female and male for Human, Goblin female and male for Undead with Leeviathan's WoD Character Models. If someone want help me with fix this stuff, send me a message. I 'm new in modding WoW. I'm trying to fix this but only broke models textures. Sorry for poor English. English isn't my native language. Video v2: Music used in video: 32Stitches - Olympus [NCS Release]