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  1. Hi guys, after successfully adding some new Mounts (Feldrake, HoA, Warforged Nightmare) with already finished m2/skin/anim Files, i want to try to do it on my own. So the last days i tried and tried to extract the damn m2 files and other data i need from my cataclysm client. But i still cant even figure out, how to use this cascexplorer/cascview/whatever. I wrote a listfile for the things i want out of the MPQs. (ex.: DBFilesClient\spell.dbc) I also tried opening the MPQs via Ladik's MPQ Editor, it opens it up but its (incomplete) [Read-only] and there are many unknown file types. After this i tried it with WMV 0706 for Mists of Pandaria changed game path to my Mop Client folder and as result: Could not read MPQs. EDIT: Found out i dont need CASC for Cata and Mop! Got listfiles for Cata and Mop, now there is a new problem: When i load the MPQ + Listfile (for Mop/Cata) the most filenames are okay but when i try to extract one of the files, the MPQ Editor crashes with error: "Cant extract..filename..", then i have to close it manually via Task-Manager. I hope you guys can help me a little bit out, its really frustrating spending hours and hours reading tutorials /watching videos about retroporting and trying, trying, and can't make this **** working... Big Thanks in Advance Stecki