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  1. I know XML well and it could be done 1000 and 10000 times better, but the fact is that this is a patch on the T10 kit PRT creating characters that does not add new non-standard models for wow 3.3.5 a, I have both custom armor and standard
  2. why was it written at all? If you have ideas upload them to the forum
  3. Thank you very much, very grateful for your help. You helped a lot.
  4. Unfortunately I didn't find the blp format in 010 Editor there Do you happen to have a fixed model for 3.3.5 a?
  5. I did everything on points, the result : - ItemDisplayInfo.dbc
  6. True, but the texture still doesn't fit the m2 model and doesn't work in the game If of course I correctly understand that garrosh2armor.blp is their main texture
  7. Of course, I almost don't understand but where is the texture of the shoulders?
  8. could you demonstrate exactly how it should look in Itemdisplayinfo and in item/objectcomponents/shoulder? I would be very grateful. If not difficult
  9. Unfortunately there is no, so as I want to see texture precisely SHOULDERS and not specifically the entire armor Garrosh, only that checked this blp file to texture shoulders Tusks of Mannoroth and they on pre-white color of For .m2 textures, Multi Converter_3.3.0 is used
  10. There is the texture of The entire Garrosh armor and not specifically the texture of the shoulders.
  11. Hello everyone, please help with one of the WoW models. Namely, the strangest model Tasks of Mannoroth, ask what's wrong with it, so I'll tell you what my problem is I found its .m2 model and its. skin BUT THERE is one FU***NG thing BUT I can't find this model's blp file that is responsible for its texture, please help me with this and tell me the name of this model's blp or skin it please, I will be very grateful I tried absolutely all the ways and believe me I didn't find it, I got into itemdisplayinfo in MOP and WOD and there it is specified that the BLP texture of this model is shoulder_plate_raiddeathknight_m_01_red which of course is not the case, I checked. With WMV, the same situation shows-shoulder_plate_raiddeathknight_m_01_red but this is a completely different model of texture Model .m2 - lshoulder_plate_garrosh_d_01.m2 ; rshoulder_plate_garrosh_d_01.m2 .Skin - lshoulder_plate_garrosh_d_0100.skin ; rshoulder_plate_garrosh_d_0100.skin .blp - UNKNOWN
  12. Of course, I will deal with these versions later and release them here as well.