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  1. great stuff! any plans to do all the NPCs in the future or this is it?
  2. YAY! So excited! Also, optional fel-themed warlock spells? I'd be keen on them for real.
  3. unsig tool the wow.exe and/or large address aware it
  4. If you mean the armors from AQ then it should work. No changes to m2s were made - just the texture files.
  5. Ahhh nice, great release but full of stuff like Reznik logos splattered all over the login screen and unwarranted interface changes in a locked MPQ. Any chance to remove all that extra stuff and open the MPQ?
  6. Is this a reskin of Warsong Gulch or an extra new map that can be played alongside original Warsong Gulch?
  7. Do you mean the player character models themselves or the npc baked textures?
  8. Thanks, Krysik! I took a little break from updating this to save my sanity and motivation. Over the next few weeks I'll be getting back to it to fix green textures and add in upscaled weapons where possible. Also appreciate the love
  9. Hey, I have a request. I noticed that SOME of the models used in the Cohesive Druid Forms patch worked with this patch - but the Tree of Life form kept the original Ent/Treant model. Is there any way to make this patch compatible with this one later down the road? Hope all is going well with your work!
  10. Yeah, that's what I am thinking as some textures are at 1024 and those tend to be the Vykrul textures. The downside here is that each texture would then be about 1mb each not sure how the game engine will go with that haha.