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  1. Hello everyone, I've been facing a problem for some days now, so before I present my problem, I'll present my situation I'm using TrinityCore for a 3.3.5a client I want to make my server public using only my IP address So what I already did: Port forwarding : I opened my 8085 and 3724 port through my router and I added the UDP/TCP rules for these ports in my Firewall, I'm using W10 I changed my realmlist table, I put the public IP in address and my local address in the local address section I checked that the different port were good at the different .conf files I changed the client realmlist to be my public IP I'm not using DNS service, as I don't need I ran the two services and I checked that 8085, 3724 were opened, 3306 for my DB is also opened Now, when I try to connect, I just fail as if I were trying to connect into some wrong address. When I run local, it works. Can someone please help me with this ? I'm running out of ideas.