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  1. This is an amazing release and a great way to start a new year of 2021 to the WoW Emulation community. Thank you for such a great contribution!
  2. Hello Model-Changing. I'm interested in getting one world map and mini map created for my new in-game playable map on 3.3.5. The map consists of 9 standard zones. Just to further clarify, I'm not looking for a map to be made on Noggit. I already have that. I want to make a map for players to know where they are located on the map (pressing "M" whilst in-game basically). I'm looking for something like this but for my own map: I'm willing to pay for your time and service. Feel free to contact me via Discord: Deathorous#4066 Thank you, Deathorous.
  3. This is a unique and interesting project. I've never seen anything like it and I wish more people will see it and provide their support. Great work! I believe in Limitless RP!