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  1. I was wondering if it was possible to retroport mount/creature models from BFA to MoP. I really like some of the new drake models, and I wanted to see them in my MoP server. And if so, do I have to retroport them one by one, or can they all be done at once, or can I retro port just specific models if I wanted to. I've never really done this before, and only have downloaded retro ported patches from other players who did it. But none for MoP was there sadly. I was also wondering if the same thing can be done with Legion. P.S Another slightly more unrelated question, but I know there's tons of unused models in WoW, and I was wondering how to get some of them in the DBC, I used to do it but dont really remember at all how to do it anymore
  2. Hello, to make things quick, I did see some tutorials but I didn't see any full on guides for retroporting in general. Basically, What I want to do is to be able to import Legion Artifacts, Legion armors, BFA Creature Models, Other Updated BFA models(including armors and weapons). I wanted to use all those models, and kind of like make them into sets or something of the sort. However, I don't want the models replacing existing models, I want to add-on to it. So maybe link me a few guides or links for tools and files, or something of the sort. I dunno