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  1. He is referring to the screenshot aspect ratio - how squished and dragged out they are from side to side Also, are wings static? As in, thjey got animation to them or not? If not, I'd make a suggestion on making them Kerrigan-like, as in no have that spread out, but have them behind the back, rather so spread out. Just my 2 cents. other than that, awesome! PS. I am not a modder, but are those wings a replacement for gear? or just placed on character model? Would you consider making other styled wings, aka for priests, paladin etc.
  2. This is awesome! Are you able to test this on 2.4.3? I stopped playing 3.3.5 after 12 years - srsly got bored of it. So, started TBC. A lot 3.3.5 race edits are not compatible with 2.5.3 sadly. Any thoughts on Vulpera?
  3. on 3.3.5, no WoD models - I get white textures around their nicks and untextured hair. both genders
  4. Placing Patch-C into Data folder prevents game launch. Tried other versions. Same issue. Does not work for me (EnUS local)
  5. Old thread, I know. Cant download shit via adfly adds. Fcking scam and non stop spam.