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  1. Hey guys, So recently I rigged the classic Goblin model onto the Cata animations, and everything basically works perfectly except for one massive glaring flaw: the weapon won't unsheath correctly. So, for example, when the Goblin attacks, he attacks with the 1h dagger animation, but the dagger is still on his hip. However, when he casts a spell, the dagger attaches to his hand and won't leave, even if sheathed. Does anyone have any pointers into what I should be looking at to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Whilst I couldn't find what exactly causes the troll feet to be invisible, I managed to achieve a similar effect by separating the leg model and giving it an _extra blp texture in CharSections, so it uses an alternate body file for the textures (but only when robes are applied) that don't get overwritten by clothing, allowing the character to have bare 3D legs which I can now edit the robes over.
  3. Does anyone know how I could stop the clothing overlay from showing on certain parts of a model? So for example, the troll feet don't show any of the boot textures. I wish to replicate this effect but on different parts of the model, but don't know what is required for it. Help would be appreciated!
  4. Hahaha

    Character Edits

    Had a hand at editing the Blood Elf Female face and textures whilst also adding a brand new(ish) hairstyle, lemme know what you guys think and I may release it (along with future edits on the model) in the future, if there's a big enough demand. EDIT: Also added some Nightborne edits to make them look more like the vastly superior Highborne, who instead of hiding in a bubble for 10,000 years made themselves an empire in half that time.
  5. Holy fucking shit dude, well done!! This is something I tried doing ages ago, but lost all my files after porting the Malgrave assets and gave up completely, I'm amazed someone has actually managed to complete it!! Probably the best thing I've ever seen
  6. So, this is just a theory, but I feel like the armor textures can't go over 512 because they're basically just pasted over the original body textures, which (correct me if I'm wrong) the HD body versions (such as HumanFemale..._HD) are also in 512. Maybe they have a correlation here, and perhaps having the body textures in 1024 would allow for a similar size for the textures?
  7. So basically, I am looking for someone with the expertise in Spell editing who can create a functioning Raise Dead spell, and by this I mean: - Using nearby (preferably beast, humanoid or undead only) corpses as reagents in summoning spells for undead creatures. - Making the corpse unusable for raising more undead minions after being used once. This can be achieved by either despawning the model, or making it unusable in the same way 'Corpse Explosion' doesn't blow up the same corpse twice. Whatever is easiest. I will provide the Spell.dbc, as my one is highly edited as it is and I wish to preserve these edits. I will also give you pointers on what NPC I want summoned by using their Creature_Template ID and name. Overall, I am looking to offer $15 for worthwhile advice, or $30 (translated from British Pounds) for someone to do it themselves on my behalf (using my DBCs and any other client/server information they may need). Payment methods can be discussed before any work is committed.
  8. So, bit of a big ask here, but the final touch for my Necromancer class is - obviously - to raise the actual dead. Currently, my minions are just summoned entities. However, I was wondering if anyone had the secrets to raising the dead good and proper, so for example only having the spell work if a corpse is targeted. I had a look at the Death Knight spell, Raise Ghoul, but trying to replicate that only allows me to use the spell once before it becomes permanently un-clickable (even with the correct attribute flag that starts the CD after the summoned minion disappears removed). On top of this, I'd want the corpse to become unusable afterwards (in the same way Corpse Explosion doesn't explode a corpse twice kinda thing), otherwise the player could just continuously raise an army from one singular corpse. Basically, I know it's a pretty hefty ask, but if anyone has any pointers on making this work (preferably using Spell.dbc, but am open to serverside mods as well), I'd be much appreciated.
  9. This is amazing! I feel the only improvements I could ask for is particles around the orb-part, but either way I love it!
  10. Is there any way I could easily swap one model's animation to another? For example, swapping Alleria's animations with the Blood Elf model that has way more animations added in BfA, without going through the very, very long process of rigging it in Blender? I know there was an animation-swapping tool in the past, but the links seem to be dead and I'm not even sure it would work with this kind of thing.
  11. So, Azshara's model from the BfA expansion comes in two parts - the main body, and the hair. They both share the same animations (Death, Run, Stand etc.), yet are two separate entities. Attaching this model to Azshara through a spell would result in it only using the 'Stand' animation, so it wouldn't reflect the positioning when the main body was doing anything other than that animation. Does anyone know how Blizzard handled this in the actual game, and if that can be replicated in a Wrath of the Lich King expansion environment? I'm thinking either Blizzard have a way of mimicking animations that they're attached to (which would mean it's probably something that can only be replicated in BfA onwards), or that they created a separate NPC entity that's just the hair which existed underneath Azshara's main model.
  12. Would I find this in the GlueParent.lua, and what would it be named under? Also, would this not change all models on Character Selection to a smaller scale?
  13. I was wondering how I would go about decreasing the size of a model, without the use of DBCs or in-game spells. For example, an inherently big model (such as a Mountain Giant, for example) on the Character Selection screen would be way too big to see, even if it has been reduced through the use of DBC editing. I've tried shrinking the model in Blender, but obviously there's some other factors that exist on the model which decide what size it's going to be in-game. Anyone have any pointers as to what this could be?
  14. Did indeed manage to get it up and running, but a sizeable portion of the newer Creature models (BFA onwards) end up crashing the game or WoW Model Viewer
  15. Really useful, although the Mega download doesn't seem to be correct, and the Google Drive download constantly fails around the 2.2 GB mark - is this a problem I'm having exclusively, or are others also?