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  1. I extracted and converted the assets some time ago through Wildstar Studio, back before it stopped being updated. I think currently, if you try to use Wildstar Studio with any iteration of the game beyond when it went f2p, you’ll have a hard time with Wildstar Studio. However, you could attempt to download the Beta client (I think the Arctium discord channel has it) and the first iteration of Wildstar Studio, because I think they work together fine, as long as you weren’t looking for something that was specifically added in retail. All you need to do with it is just ‘Extract Filtered’ when selecting a file and see if it crashes or throws an error. If it does, I may be able to check if I have the converted textures in my files, but I mainly have creature and item stuff more than anything.

  2. 6 hours ago, Krysík said:

    You need to work on making this suit the WoW graphics better, but other than that I like it, and I value the fact that you are editing character models :) 

    Thankyou so much for your kind words, they mean a lot! Would you say the textures are too cartoony/not detailed enough? Or do you reckon I should make the character fit more into lore (as of now she doesn't look like a Blood Elf or High Elf, but that can change).