The Model Changing Network's Rules

Updated September 28, 2018

This page contains the set of rules that the users have to abide by in order to be a part of the Model Changing Network community. If you do not agree with any of the following rules, please consider requesting the removal of your account.

Since WoW modding is not a professional field, we tend to not be very serious. We are here only to have fun and enjoy playing and modding World of Warcraft. We will be persistent in our practices of being tolerable to everyone and only intervening when absolutely necessary. Similar to Modcraft before us, we will avoid banning at all costs. We will especially make clear our advocation of free speech and posting within reasonable boundaries. But everything has limits, as defined below:

-- Table of Contents --

ONE - Language and Behavior

Search Before Asking

First and foremost, and I can't believe I have to say it, but please do your research before posting a new thread. Chances are, if you are a beginner and you have a problem, it's already been discussed and solved. So use our search feature, or head to Google. There are plenty of resources at your disposal so do not neglect them. Of course, lazy questions in the shout box are fine, but do not expect meaningful responses to them.

Anyway, this "rule" is more of a suggestion. In addition to this, if you see someone posting about an issue that has already been asked and solved, do not spit on them and make a scene about it. Simply answer their question and move on. Not everyone reads this awful wall of text that I'm writing right now.

Flaming and Misbehavior

No matter where you go on the internet, flaming will happen. And it will happen here too. A flame war is an online argument that becomes hostile and condescending, where insulting one another takes precedence over the actual subject matter of the discussion. Everybody gets upset and has flamed at least once before. It happens.

There's nothing wrong with getting into an argument or a heated debate. This is just natural. But we stick up for our own kin, and as soon as someone starts targeting and blatantly harrassing another member, we draw the line. The parties involved will likely have their posting privileges removed in the relevant topic. If a moderator is caught doing this, they will receive the same punishments as a regular user and will also be demoted immediately.

Spamming and Tidiness

Spamming on our forum is a sure-fire way of getting in trouble. It disrupts the flow of content and we really do nott appreciate that.

Pornographic Content

A very common form of modding in World of Warcraft is nude mods, which are actually the origin of useful tools such as M2Mod by Redaxle. As such, I think it is fair to allow nude mods as well as other adult content on our forum. However, this is not a nude modding site, and there are places for that if you desire them, so be sensible. Always flag your threads clearly in the title as "NSFW" and/or "18+" because some people view our site from work or in front of family and friends. With that said, if you fail to properly flag your content, your thread will be moved to the Graveyard and we probably will not retrieve it for you. If you cannot flag, then do not share.

TWO - Projects and Showcases

Advertising Rules

It is what our forum is here for, getting your ideas and projects out there! Advertising your modding project here is highly encouraged, and we offer lots of ways for you to do this, which includes a project system, gallery and file uploads. However, you are not allowed to advertise or otherwise glorify another modding or machinima website here. Yes, we personally have advertised in a similar manner back on our community's start, but we have never done so in a community where that is specifically prohibited by the rules. Deal with it. If there is something you would like to improve about our site, just be open with us about it. We are programmed to receive. The following applies to all websites with the exception of Warcraft Movies, Marlamin's CDN mirror,

Nevertheless, you can still post links to any of the modding or machinima websites freely as we value the goal of providing the best resource of World of Warcraft modding infromation available before our interest in the community growth.

THREE - User Generated Content

Cheats, Hacks and Bots

We are strongly against the creation, distribution and usage of cheating (hacking) software or game mods that are common in other WoW-related communities. Thus, distribution and promoting of these are not allowed on our board and will result into permanaent block of your account. Same applies for bots. There are exceptions, although, exceptions to this rule. If you believe that your software is helpful for the purposes of modding or machinma creation, but at the same time can be abused and utilized for malicious purposes, you can post this content given the administration's agreement.

Modding Content and Software Abuse

Some software on this website such as map editors, model editors and other tools can be in theory used for abusive purposes. We do not encourage this kind of usage of this software on any live server that runs World of Warcraft, be it official server or private server. Tools that give you advantage over other players disrupt the flow of other people's game experience, as well as bring unnecessary negative attention to our communities from the respective owners of the game.