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Found 60 results

  1. New 52809 spells fully implemented their visualization nonexistent mechanics replaced by similar The whole process took a little more than 100-110 hours Download:
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hiya, Today I would like to share with you my mount patch containing at this point 45 mounts going from Cata to Legion retro-ported to Wrath of the lich king. I work on this patch from time to time so be sure to keep an eye out for newer versions. Happy Modding. Poisonleaf
  3. There are actually quite a lot of people who keep having problems just because of either outdated server side maps, or because they can't extract them with modified client properly. So, I've written this tutorial. I know that my way of doing this thing may be rather unclean and someone might point out that those are not things one is supposed to do, BUT they prevent from happening absolutely all kinds of errors and mistakes I've ever encountered so far. TC extractors seem to be not very well written for modded clients, at least they used to be very bad whenever it came to extracting custom stuff. 1 - What are they for? maps - Maps are here to let server know where are map tiles and which area IDs are on them (and where). Its possible that they contain even more data (I honestly don't know), but this is the most important basics we commonly need maps for. vmaps - Vector maps are here mostly to let server know where are WMOs and their interiors. This gives server possibility to prevent NPCs from attacking players they clearly can't see, for example, NPCs from building's basement won't attack player when he's just going around building. They are just optional, but highly recommended to have. mmaps - Movement maps are here to give server information about collisions, so it can make NPCs move in optimal cases only though paths which would be reachable by player as well. So, basically, instead of just jumping on 10yd high rock, they try to find a way up on it. Again, optional, but in most cases good to have. So, in general, when you don't have up-to-date map files for your custom zones, NPCs can behave in a really buggy and weird way, but what also can't work properly are custom graveyards, fishing loots, who lists, general chats and more area based stuff like that. 2 - Getting extractors First of all, determine, which maps you want to have on your server. Only maps are really essential, vmaps and mmaps are optional. All 3 maps can be about 2,5-2,7GB big, if you choose to use just maps, they will get much smaller. If you are using repack, you most likely get extractors (or otherwise it sucks even more hard, than most of repacks do) with it. If you've compiled your own core, you should be able to find extractors in folder to which your server binaries were generated. You should get mapextractor.exe, mmaps_generator.exe, vmap4extractor.exe, vmap4assembler.exe from there. If you use a repack and don't have extractors there, find another repack or compile your own core. Using extractors from different revisions of TC might work for you, but it also may not and I can't recommend you to do so. If you have compiled your own core and you don't have extractors, you have most likely disabled their compilation in CMake. Enable them there (they are usually in TOOLS) and re-compile your TC. 3 - Preparation I highly recommend to copy your WoW client and make client which will serve only for extracting server side stuff. We'll kinda break some things here and our modified client might even stop working. Otherwise at least make backups of all MPQ's you will edit. Put all 4 extractors into WoW's root directory (where WoW.exe is located). Go to your Data directory. Make sure there are only following MPQs: common, common-2, expansion, lichking, patch, patch-2, patch-3. Delete (or move out) all other (custom) MPQs you may have there. Now, normally you should be able to put your stuff into patch-4, but I've already encountered situation when extractors cleverly detected my client as WotLK client and happily ignored patch-4. So, I would recommend you to put all your custom stuff (models, ADTs, WDTs, everything you have in your custom patches) into patch-3. If you are going to use patch-3.mpq, open it and go to Operations menu, choose Change Hash Table Size and increase it to maximum. Otherwise your stuff likely won't fit in it. There's one more thing you need to do here, in case you have edited any blizzlike maps. What I've encountered in past was that extractors were using blizzlike WDT files (and ADTs in them), while completely ignoring my own custom version of that WDT saved in patch-3. Having multiple versions of map in different MPQs also led commonly to extracting data from outdated versions. So, to make really absolutely sure that extractors will actually read your and not blizzlike stuff and stuff which is up-to-date, you need to do one of the following, depending on what kind of edits you did. If you have...: ... only edited a few ADTs of a continent, just place them into World/Maps/(mapname)/ folder into MPQ where blizzlike version of those ADTs is. ... edited WDT of that continent to make it bigger/smaller, extract all blizzlike ADTs and WDT of that continent, delete them from blizzlike MPQs, merge them with your custom and edited ones, delete any ADTs you have deleted if you have deleted any from original map (so you will make one big folder with ALL data of that map which is up-to-date, with both unedited ADTs and all ADTs you have edited) and put it into patch-3. ... completely deleted all data of some blizzlike map to make wholly new one on its ID, just delete all blizzlike files of that map (even if blizzlike version was in patch-3 itself!), put yours into patch-3 and you're done. The last thing you need to do is to go to your locale folder in Data folder (enGB, enUS, ruRU, deDE... whatever you have) and open the second last locale MPQ there (patch-enGB-3, patch-enUS-3...). Put all your edited DBCs into its DBFilesClient folder. 4 - Extraction itself Go to WoW's root folder, open Wordpad and enter into it the following: vmap4extractor.exe md vmaps md mmaps vmap4assembler.exe Buildings vmaps pause Save it as whatever with .bat extension, like "extract_vmaps.bat" into WoW's root folder. Now run mapextractor.exe. When its done, run your .bat file you have created. When that is done, run mmapextractor.exe. Ofc, if you don't want to use mmaps or even vmaps at all, skip last or last two steps. If this is not the first time you are creating server-side maps (you are re-generating/updating them), I HIGHLY recommend deleting ALL old server-side maps and completely replacing them with new ones, so no old files remain there. Thats all, copy/upload your maps, vmaps and mmaps folders to your server's data folder and everything should work fine and be up-to-date. A little note: the newest version of TC2 seems to be working with some new server side files, called cameras. They are supposed to be extracted with maps. If thats what your extractor's have created, just put them into server's data folder as well ofc.
  4. hi guys, i have these files ( m2 skin blp ) and edited my ItemDisplayInfo.Dbc but didnt work . pls help me :()
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Shadow Storm stopped being developed around 2 years ago and it's really about time for us to share some of the unfinished works we did. This patch contains maps that were never finalized, if you want to use them you'll also need to work them directly. I would have loved to finish the work myself, but I have many other things to do and it's simply not worth my time anymore. In this patch you'll find : - Dalkannes Isles (Southern & Middle parts of the area are not finished. I would advise you to use BFA zandalari assets for it) - A basic design for Azjol'Nerub - Some random works on Elwynn forest, with a start of a HD version and a destroyed Northshire - And many smaller things we put in this patch. Just take anything you need from it, I didn't checked what was useful or not.
  6. Version 1.5.0


    Hiya, Today I would like to share with you every single m2 from Cata to Legion working on Wrath of the lich king. Even when it's easy to do it might be something alot of members think they can't do. Just add the patches to your data folder and be sure to load them into setting in WMV & reload it. I would say 90% is working so overall a good result. Patch - W: Cata Patch - X: MoP Patch - Y: WoD Patch - Z: Legion New: Patch - V: BFA Happy Modding. Poisonleaf
  7. Version 1.0.0


    most if not all BFA tilesets 8.1.5+, not including new wsg yet.
  8. Version 1.1


    All the tilesets discovered at the moment on the Shadowlands Alpha. Will update when more are found.
  9. Greetings, i use Leeviathan's WOD character model patch, and it's awesome to have retail characters to 3.3.5 but, for some reason, the weapons of the female blood elf are reduced compared to Retail, and i need to increase the size of the weapons, if anyone can put on the comments how i can do this, i will be eternally grateful
  10. Version 3.3.5


    Bonsoir j'ai le plaisir de partager mon patch qui contient une seule texture pour avoir un vrais éclairage sur ce soleil puisque après avoir vu le trailer de wow 2001 je me posait trop de question comment un soleil aussi magnifique peut t'il être aussi ridicule et moche sur wotlk je pensait c'était au moteur graphique mais non ça fait plus réaliste et c'est agréable pour faire du vrais roleplay ainsi que jouer Parcontre je suis pas sûr 100% que ça fonctionne à l'outreterre & Norfendre ORIGINAL ALPHA WOW J'ai retirer les nuages pour voir le détaille Bientôt la lune peut être Patch-S.MPQ
  11. Version 11


    There was a report about this supposedly containing malware, though my PC is clean, the pack is clean, and the reporting person's antimalware was behaving in a very odd and jumpy manner overall. Note that this pack contains couple of apps which are pretty much straight up hacks and many apps from "unknown publishers", there's also file downloading launcher and whatnot - it is susceptible material to being marked by antimalware. It should be clean. But it's up to you whether you trust me on that. As a rule of thumb, please, check README.txt file in any directory where such file is before using that part to ensure you know all the important info. Contents: AmarothTools AmarothsLauncherRelease - a fairly primitive launcher based on reading config files and downloading/uploading changelog, patches and addons from FTP. AmarothsToolkit - old version of my toolkit, later I decided to split the project into the following tools. ClientItem - a pair of tools fo syncing item_template <-> Item.dbc. GobGenerator - generates gobjects in gameobject_template out of models provided in GameObjectDisplayInfo.dbc ListfileCreation - do not use unless you know what are you doing. NPCGenerator - for Creature displayID WMV > DBC > DB pipeline. WMOListFile - for obtaining a full list of files used by ADTs, M2/MDX and WMO in the folders under this. Note that its code sucks and is not 100% perfect. CASC CascView - 32 and 64bit versions of CascView, required for obtaining Blizzard files for conversion into WotLK. Listfile - listfiles for extracting files with CascView. DBC LightMapper - can be used for a great visualisation of lights on a map. WoWSpellEditor_1.8.8 - haven't gotten to actually testing this tool yet, but definitely worth sharing. WDBX Editor - for DBC editing, DBC <-> CSV conversions etc. EnGBBlizzlikeDBCs - just blizzlike DBCs, can be useful as a backup. Map AdtAdder - a small tool for mass copy-pasting ADT for inicial filling of a new map/newly expanded map, don't forget to run offsetfix afterwards as well. ADTGrids - some helpers you can use, reflecting basic grids on ADTs. FuTa - a tool for importing and exporting alpha maps (painting textures on ADTs with Photoshop). GroundEffects - tools for applying, removing or changing ground effects on ADT. GruulMeWDT - my preferred way of editing (editing, not creating!) WDT files. NoggitQt_3_2771 - an up to date test version of map editor. NoggitSDL_3_1408 - this is old SDL version of Noggit. It is non-public release, newer than SDL 1.4, fairly stable, may be able to open something Qt cannot. Rius Zone Masher - I do not really remember why I have not ever been using this tool for creation of new maps - I just know I have not been using this tool :D. Sharing it regardless. Models anim porter - I do not even remember what this is for, do not know wthere it is up to date, nor whether it is still useful at all. M2ModRedux 4.6.1 - same like anim porter. MDLVIS 1.40 - same like anim porter. MDX - same like anim porter. MultiConverter_3.3.0 - Officially Legion > WotLK converter, but seems to do alright with BFA as well. Scripts - a mix of random stuff, same like anim porter. OBJtoM2 could be useful if you for any reasons cannot use WoW Blender Studio. Leaving it here for the time being. WoW Blender Studio - still under development, but should make all the other stuff in Models section outdated and redundant. MPQ FuckItUp.exe - removes (listfile) from MPQ, making files more difficult to extract, and thus edit or steal. MPQEditor.exe - v3.2.0.535 is a very old version, but I found it to be very reliable. I had issues with up to date versions, and rather reverted back instead of risking having files corrupted. Other 010 - scripts and templates for 010 Editor. Mordred_LoginScreen - what I have used to make my own custom login screens. PuTTy_0.73 - for managing the server WMT335a - camera hack, light testing. WMV - couple of versions of WoW Model Viewer. HxDsetup.exe - HxD can be used as an alternative hex editor, unlikely to be useful to any 010 Editor owner. xyz-hack.exe - useful for precise gobject spawning. This is a hack, please, do not abuse. Textures BLPConverterGUI - enables mass PNG <-> BLP converting. BLPPhotoshopPlugin_1.0 - Photoshop BLP file support. README.txt - version, release date, links… Wow.exe - removed MD5 check, enabling UI edits within patches etc. Share this with your players, especially if you want to customize anything in your UI, including the login screen. If you are following my english YT channel, this is a toolpack I will be using there. Overview video: My Eng YT channel HERE
  12. Version v9


    Hello, I created a set of icons (race and class) based on 3 images found in google graphics. Created for World of Warcraft 3.3.5a. v7 Special thanks for repairing character creator I'm heading to mikki0033 from modcraft forum. Now work well female Orc and icon death knight. Added optional Cataclysm, Legion & Bfa logo. v8 Special thanks for Fixed button to create a random nickname I'm heading to mikki0033 from modcraft forum. Thanks also to Marulu who reported the problem. Added alternative character creation (MoP) without backgrounds and icon. Special Thanks Experimenst who upgrade this project. If for someone doesn't work you need unlock lua or use: I was looking for a character creator screen similar to the dlc Mists of Pandaria(for a long time). I found a post on the site and compile him but its not perfect. Has a problem with female orc , the gender button doesn't work and class icon death knight is invisible. I can't fix it(I dont know how). At this moment I can change sequence of character classes.: I'm use character , creature and uploaded Cata/Mop maps for 335 3.3.5a by Ohai created by : leeviathan - Finsternis - Ohai - original creator PhilipTNG/kronixusa - site link PS. Sorry for poor English English isn't my native language.
  13. Hi, I got the legion creature models from I think Laviathan. But I dont want the mounts, only the creatures. Is there a way to keep the old models for mounts but upgrade the creatures to the new ones? Thanks in advance. If someone can do the job I will be happy to pay I got paypal, or i can do bank transfer.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Most WMOs from cata to BFA ported to 3.3.5a working on WMV version 7.0.1 r206 32bit: 64bit: Due to IRL problems, this project has been discontinued. There will be no more updates to this. patch m- Cataclysm patch n- Mists of Pandaria patch o- Warlords of Draenor patch p- Legion patch q- Battle for Azeroth
  15. Version 0.0.1


    Alpha Pack Download Link : Includes : Patch-C : Creature & Textures Patch-I : Item Cata-Mop-WoD Patch-L : Item Legion 7.0.1 > 7.1.5 (Not Fully Added in dbc) Patch-W : Buildings Patch-H : HD Pack (HD Pack Required For 3D Belt) Credits to Thrind Server Side : DBC Server Side : Item_Template SQL -- Update 1 : Added : Spell.dbc (enGB, frFR, enUS) Added : SqlScript.sql Added : Patch-enGB-4.MPQ (Spell for enGB client) Added : Patch-enUS-4.MPQ (Spell for enUS client) Added : CoreScript - Transmog Script for 3D Belt - SpellGeneric.cpp Added : Readme. -- Update 2 : Added Sql for Legion Artifact Weapons PS : Looking for extra hands to work with me on this project. -- Update 3 update Patch-enGB-4/Patch-frFR-4/Patch-EnUS-4 Updated Spell.dbc brings 314 New Compagnon list here : -- Update 4 Patch-W Should no more cause the game to have green texture in some place of azeroth. Say Thanks also help me continue the project ! The Goal : I'm aiming to help every new and old server to get a decent content. Patches won't be encrypted. A Community Top Site will be launched. A Community Launcher is in preparation (in c#) A Community DBC Files Checker is in preparation (so we see if your server is compatible) the idea is that all server / player use this client as a base. and server would only make download their custom maps if they have one. Join the retrolution :
  16. Version 1.0


    This patch contains all available (those we have a lisfile for) models from Legion Beta converted on WoTLK (3.3.5a). It does not contain .ADTs and other map related files. The aim of this release is to enlarge the range of assets worldbuilders can use for creating zones. Decyphering key: !D23xKXVQlOTgbo1MJG1c2LBcl8LBXwck9V138ED4Qjs
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Editing version Noggit 3.1222 Il est possible de convertir ses deux îles sur une map custom avec les m2 wmo et le terrain j'ai déja tester aucun crash et cela marche parfaitement
  18. Version 1.0


    I always disliked how the AuctionHouseBot handled selling and buying items randomly in the recent TrinityCore releases. It used the in-game npc seller price to determine both the sell and buy prices on the AH for the bot resulting in prices being to damn low (generally) or really too high (less often) and sold strange random items sometimes never sold by players. With this version of the AuctionHouseBot, the sell and buy prices are worked out from an external table in the world database called auction_prices which simply contains item ids and their price in copper. ONLY items belonging to this table can be sold or bought by the bot and their price in the table is used to determine both the sell price and the buy price. The contents of the auction_prices table has been generated using sampled AH data from several private servers and will be updated from time to time. General rules : The chance of an item being bought when the price is higher than the table price is a decaying exponential. The exponential decays later if no other instance of an item is sold. E.G. If you have a monopoly on [Copper Ore] then the bot knows that the price of [Copper Ore] is a bit higher than usual. The bot will NEVER buy an item if another instance of that item is sold for less. This is simply more realistic. An item sold by a player that can be bought from a npc using base money will never be bought by the bot even if it appears in auction_prices, to avoid exploit. They still can be sold by the bot, though. Of course, a code is never perfect. Should you have any suggestion for the bot behavior, problems to report or improvements to make in the code, feel free to leave a comment. Installation : Move the 6 .cpp files to your \src\server\game\AuctionHouseBot TrinityCore source directory and replace the existing ones Don't forget to commit them if you use git Recompile your core Apply the auction_prices.sql statement to your world database Apply the update.sql statement to your world database, if there is one. [Repeat step 5 only for each future update]
  19. Hello, I am currently working on a small housing system and am almost done with the bare bones but something is still refusing to work properly. I want to add a very small description of how the housing system works in a gossip menu, but as soon as SendGossipMenuFor it triggers the OnGossipHello instantly. I compared this part to the Transmogrifier script of Rochet2, which works fine, and it really looks the same so I do not get what I am doing wrong. More concretly, when I click "Why acquire a property ?" in the first menu, the relevant action (case 1 in OnGossipSelect in the code below) is executed (as expected) but then instantly the action made available in the next menu is also executed instantly (default case, with action = 3) : in the end the second menu never appears, instead OnGossipHello is executed again. Does anyone have any idea how to avoid this ? Thanks in advance for your time ! class npc_house_seller : public CreatureScript { public: npc_house_seller() : CreatureScript("npc_house_seller") { } class npc_house_sellerAI : public ScriptedAI { public: npc_house_sellerAI(Creature* creature) : ScriptedAI(creature) {} bool GossipHello(Player* player) override { return OnGossipHello(player, me); } static bool OnGossipHello(Player* player, Creature* creature) { WorldSession* session = player->GetSession(); AddGossipItemFor(player, GOSSIP_ICON_MONEY_BAG, "|TInterface/ICONS/INV_Misc_Book_11:30:30:-18:0|tWhy acquire a property ?", 1, 0); std::stringstream warningMessage; warningMessage.str(std::string()); warningMessage << "Are you sure you want to proceed ? It will cost you " << HousingSystem::instance()->HouseFromSeller(creature->GetSpawnId())->_price / 10000 << " gold and strip you of any previous estate property."; AddGossipItemFor(player, GOSSIP_ICON_MONEY_BAG, "|TInterface/ICONS/INV_Enchant_Disenchant:30:30:-18:0|tPurchase this estate", 2, 0, warningMessage.str().c_str(), 0, false); SendGossipMenuFor(player, 800001, creature->GetGUID()); return true; } bool GossipSelect(Player* player, uint32 /*menu_id*/, uint32 gossipListId) override { uint32 sender = player->PlayerTalkClass->GetGossipOptionSender(gossipListId); uint32 action = player->PlayerTalkClass->GetGossipOptionAction(gossipListId); return OnGossipSelect(player, me, sender, action); } static bool OnGossipSelect(Player* player, Creature* creature, uint32 sender, uint32 action) { ClearGossipMenuFor(player); WorldSession* session = player->GetSession(); switch (sender) { case 1: { AddGossipItemFor(player, GOSSIP_ICON_MONEY_BAG, "|TInterface/ICONS/Ability_Spy:30:30:-18:0|tBack..", 3, 0); SendGossipMenuFor(player, 800002, creature->GetGUID()); } break; case 2: if (player->HasEnoughMoney(HousingSystem::instance()->HouseFromSeller(creature->GetSpawnId())->_price)) { House* house = HousingSystem::instance()->HouseFromPlayer(player->GetGUID().GetCounter()); if (house != nullptr) { house->_owner = 0; // Respawn NPC Map* map = sMapMgr->FindBaseNonInstanceMap(house->_map_id); Position pos(house->_coord_x, house->_coord_y, house->_coord_z, house->_orientation); Creature* cbuffer = new Creature(); if (!cbuffer->Create(map->GenerateLowGuid<HighGuid::Unit>(), map, PHASEMASK_ANYWHERE, 50006, pos)) delete cbuffer; cbuffer->SaveToDB(map->GetId(), (1 << map->GetSpawnMode()), PHASEMASK_ANYWHERE); ObjectGuid::LowType db_guid = cbuffer->GetSpawnId(); // To call _LoadGoods(); _LoadQuests(); CreateTrainerSpells() // current "creature" variable is deleted and created fresh new, otherwise old values might trigger asserts or cause undefined behavior cbuffer->CleanupsBeforeDelete(); delete cbuffer; cbuffer = new Creature(); if (!cbuffer->LoadFromDB(db_guid, map, true, true)) delete cbuffer; sObjectMgr->AddCreatureToGrid(db_guid, sObjectMgr->GetCreatureData(db_guid)); house->_seller = db_guid; HousingSystem::instance()->AdaptSellerMapOnHouseChange(db_guid, house); house->SaveToDB(); } house = HousingSystem::instance()->HouseFromSeller(creature->GetSpawnId()); house->_owner = player->GetGUID().GetCounter(); house->_seller = 0; house->SaveToDB(); HousingSystem::instance()->AdaptPlayerMapOnHouseChange(house->_owner, house); // Remove Creature ObjectGuid::LowType guid = creature->GetGUID().GetCounter(); creature->CombatStop(); creature->DeleteFromDB(); creature->AddObjectToRemoveList(); player->ModifyMoney(0-HousingSystem::instance()->HouseFromSeller(creature->GetSpawnId())->_price, false); std::stringstream yay; yay.str(std::string()); yay << "Congratulations ! You are now the proud owner of this estate ! "; WorldPacket data(SMSG_MOTD); Tokenizer motdTokens(yay.str(), '@'); data << uint32(motdTokens.size()); for (Tokenizer::const_reference token : motdTokens) data << token; player->GetSession()->SendPacket(&data); player->AddItem(60073,1); player->PlayerTalkClass->SendCloseGossip(); } else { std::stringstream nope; nope.str(std::string()); nope << "You cannot afford that property ! You need at least " << HousingSystem::instance()->HouseFromSeller(creature->GetSpawnId())->_price/10000 << " gold."; session->SendNotification(nope.str().c_str()); player->PlayerTalkClass->SendCloseGossip(); } break; default: { std::stringstream nope; nope.str(std::string()); nope << "Triggered " << sender << " !"; session->SendNotification(nope.str().c_str()); } return OnGossipHello(player, creature); } return true; } }; CreatureAI* GetAI(Creature *creature) const override { return new npc_house_sellerAI(creature); } };
  20. Hello guys i would like to ask if someone can backport Kargath Bladefist WoD model to Warchief Kargath Bladefist model for 3.3.5! Edit: Someone made a patch for that so here it is Patch-U.MPQ
  21. Hello everyone, I've been facing a problem for some days now, so before I present my problem, I'll present my situation I'm using TrinityCore for a 3.3.5a client I want to make my server public using only my IP address So what I already did: Port forwarding : I opened my 8085 and 3724 port through my router and I added the UDP/TCP rules for these ports in my Firewall, I'm using W10 I changed my realmlist table, I put the public IP in address and my local address in the local address section I checked that the different port were good at the different .conf files I changed the client realmlist to be my public IP I'm not using DNS service, as I don't need I ran the two services and I checked that 8085, 3724 were opened, 3306 for my DB is also opened Now, when I try to connect, I just fail as if I were trying to connect into some wrong address. When I run local, it works. Can someone please help me with this ? I'm running out of ideas.
  22. In these videos I'll demonstrate how to make good-looking maps, sharing some tips and tricks I've gathered from my experience with Noggit. Check my YT channel for more!
  23. After renaming all Goblin .blp's, .anim's and .m2's to Human and changing the models of the latter to 831 & 832 (the Goblin male and female models) in CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc, it turns out everything works fine except their heads, which as seen in the pictures below, are either black or are using the texture of another race. How do textures in World of Warcraft become black and how could I fix this particular error? PS: My patch: patch-4.mpq EDIT: I have also tried swapping Forest and Ice Trolls with some other default races and they all work just fine. Upon further research, I've noticed their texture files seem to include both "FaceLower" and "FaceUpper", which the Goblins do not have. And that simply implies the Trolls do have faces whereas the Goblins do not, hence why they appear this way in-game. To resolve the issue now, I would require the Goblin faces, but there are absolutely none to begin with. Everything to do with the Goblins can only ever be found in Common.MPQ and Common2.MPQ, yet none of that comes with their faces. Where could I obtain them from?
  24. Hello, I'm new to this in the forums, and well, I saw that there are people with experience in these issues here and I wanted to ask for a little help. A while ago I converted the HD model of the human being from version 8.0.3 to WotLK, everything went well, until when I checked what had become WMV, I see that the model is like this: has neither the chest nor the feet, I have tried to activate it in the Model Control, but even so there has been no success, I have also tried to edit the file .m2 and skin but I have no idea It could be. And well, I hope that someone can kindly solve this problem, thank you.