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Found 22 results

  1. Hey! I'm really bad at editing spells (trust me, I've tried a lot), so I thought I would gather up some spell ideas and ask the people here how to create each one. Since these are very basic "templates", I would learn myself that way. So, the general types of spells I want to create: Morph spell - simple spell (aura) which, when used,would perform the same function as the .morph command. Then, when the aura is removed (by rclicking on it's icon, for example), it would demorph your character. It would also be much much better if this aura would not be removed on logoff. Of course I understand that I will have to create a spell like that for every model I want to use. Scale spells - four spells which would 1)Increase your characters size by 1; 2)Decrease your characters size by 1; 3)Increase your characters size by 0.1; 4)Decrease your characters size by 0.1 Flying spell - same as .gm fly on (*off on unaura). Possibly with flying speed increase. Also, I'd like this spell to use the flying, not swimming animation kit, so it could be used on dragon models. Attach spell - attaches a certain model on your character. For example, an item, or a spell (e.g. eye glow). Would be nice if it used attach points instead of coordinates. Faction spell - makes you friendly/hostile with a certain faction. There are two good examples called "Faction override - {Alliance/Horde}". I'd be very thankful if someone explained how to create at least one of the listed spells. Additional question: I'm replacing destro warlock spell models with their fel versions (basically, by changing the ids in SpellVisualKit), but I can't find how the casting effect (one that appears on your characters hands) is set. Could someone tell me?
  2. Hey! I'd like to downport the Dark Apotheosis spell to my Cata server. I don't need most of its functionality - only the attachment of horns and wings, which should follow the character's emotes (e.g. flap during jumps, roars, flight, etc.) Could someone help?
  3. Hey! I wanna make a quest for the newly created characters (I want them to have the quest automatically when they are created) that would require them to use a nearby chest, which drops an item. An autocompletion thing should then come up. Main points: the item should not be consumed by the quest, so that the characters can later equip it there are no NPCs involved (the quest is accepted and rewarded automatically) I don't mind either using the object or receiving the item to trigger quest completion, as long as the item isn't consumed Please, help
  4. Hey! Apparently, the people working on the 4.3.4 trinitycore build don't really like when people get too creative, so they won't help with pretty much any edits. Anyway, question is: how can I edit the core (or something else?) to fix this problem?
  5. Hey! I decided to try, once again, to compile a server on my own. I followed this guide, using this source. All was fine until I got to the part where you set up the SQL tables. I connected to root (using Navicat), ran create_mysql.sql, and ended up having the following databases: auth, characters, information_schema, mysql, performance_schema, test, and world. Auth, characters, test, and world are empty. Following the guide, I downloaded TDB_full_world_434.15_2017_01_02.sql and placed it in the same folder as bnetserver.exe. I then ran the latter in hopes that it would prompt me to create databases and all would be wonderful, BUT NO! Bnetserver.exe just closes instantly (which makes sense, since there are no tables for it to connect to). What should I do?
  6. Hi, this is a tutorial I made because of the lacking info and general stagnation in this modding area post WotLK. I still haven't set up a MoP, WoD or Legion client so not sure but I'm thinking the process should be the same or similar. I'm not aware of any all race all class patches around other then 335a ones, so if anyone tries this at higher branches let me know if it worked. DBC So in 4.3.4. you still need to change only these 2 DBCs: CharBaseInfo.dbc CharStartOutfit.dbc We'll be using WDBX Editor for both, CharBaseInfo.dbc - 'load definition' choose WoD and use the wiki for values. In CharStartOutfit.dbc you have race,class,sex and starter gear item IDs, just double check files after WDBX save not sure but I think I had to resave changes twice there. SQL After you're done with DBCs you need to change the SQLs so start up your MySQL server and open your preferred tool Heidi/SQLyog/workbench then go world-table. Change these tables: player_levelstats playercreateinfo playercreateinfo_action Note on player_levelstats it could possibly already have your custom race-class characters inside, so browse thru its table data and make sure. I'm noting this bc the other day while I was setting all this up and creating my first custom class/race I kept getting the SQL error duplicate key and all the time my character actually had its stats there but they can be arranged really weird. Like my char had stats from level 10 to 85(missing first 9 levels that I've added), or the level 80-85 stats are placed way back at the end. There are more playercreate.. tables my character didn't need editing those(UD pala), but if you're making a hunter or other classes browse them all. MPQ Once you done that, all that is left is packing your 2 DBCs in a MPQ making a patch and adding it to wow/data/.. Name it appropriately like wow-update-base-28792.mpq something, restart your server and check it out. Then maybe you'll be able to make your second class peasant gorlock mud splasher characters. That can never be glorious like my UD pala Champion of the hack first X class-race combo that the universe has seen since WotLK, finished creating him yesterday he was the test bunny *on a much brighter note I haven't done too much testing with him but seems he's really not having any problems like the WotLK hacked characters language,talents,spells etc. probably due to Cata enabling new race class combos by default so maybe its set to work better then WotLK in that regard.
  7. Hey could someone explain to me how this CharStartOutfit.dbc works? These values, I'm guessing its race/class combined, and the best tool to edit 4.3.4 DBCs? CharStartOutfit.dbc.csv CharStartOutfit.dbc
  8. I'm posting this here with Glararan's permission, in order to promote his project. I would like to thank Glararan for creating this tool, and mention that I will always support any activity that benefits Cata modding. The rest of this post will be a copy of Glararan's Modcraft post. * * * Hi, It's been a while I did this project. I went here for a long time so I now remembered to share a project for editing database. - Supports cataclysm - Can read/write DBC - Can read DB2 - Creature & Game Object support Future: - Hope to support Items and other cool things Feel free to download source code on Give me a feedback if you use it
  9. Hey! I used the following script (made by Skarn) on the undercity_xxx.wmo files in hopes to change the green slug to water: //-------------------------------------- //--- 010 Editor v6.0.3 Script File // // File: // Author: // Revision: // Purpose: //-------------------------------------- char sFile[]; int sIndex; int x, y, k; TOpenFileNames f = InputOpenFileNames( "Select .wmo files", "(*.wmo)" ); for( k = 0; k < f.count; k++ ) { sFile = f.file[k].filename; sIndex = FileOpen(sFile); if(sIndex < 0) return; RunTemplate(""); if (wmo_group.group_info.liquidType != 0) wmo_group.group_info.liquidType = 1; } FileSave(); Now when I go to undercity ingame my client crashes with the followinng error: Please, help!
  10. Hey! For the last couple of days I've been getting "memory could not be "written"" crashes very often. Most of the times it happens randomly and it's awfully irritating because I can't see a single fucking reason it would crash. Can this happen because of me having too many custom patches?
  11. Hey! Words can't express how hopeless I am right now. It seems like whenever I try to do something more complicated than dbc editing, NOTHING FUCKING WORKS! Basically, there's this model "Glaive_1H_Twilighthammer_b_01.M2": What I've tried to do is to take this model, change the middle part just a little bit in blender, export it, then mirror the whole model so it fits the other hand and export that too. Then convert the result into m2 and use it ingame. I've tried using both m2mod v4 and OBJtoM2, but m2mod would just crash on converting. OBJtoM2 would create the two m2 files and skin files for them, but the lefthand model appears as the good old blue-white cube, and the righthand model doesn't appear at all. Wonderful. P.S. I've also tried converting those two models (from OBJtoM2) to cata using jM2, but that didn't help.
  12. Hey! I wanted to make some changes to the original Eastern Kingdoms map on my Cata server. So, I made them in Noggit (on the WotLK version of the map, obviously) and I now have a wdt and a couple of adt files with the needed changes. Next, as I understand, I should upconvert them to Cata, but what should I do after? Do I just put those files into a patch? Should I somehow merge the original and the edited Azeroth.wdt? If there is a step by step tutorial somewhere, I'd be grateful for a link.
  13. Hey! I had the simplest job possible: replace music in Undercity with, lets say, Stormwind music. So I copied the music into the right folder and renamed, supposing that it would replace the original Undercity music. When I compiled the patch and opened the game, however, nothig changed and Undercity still had that creepy undead music. Why?
  14. Hey! The task is simple: remove all class icons from the character creation screen (technically, it will be one default class that everyone will have). But the problem is that Cataclysm client xml files look nothing like the WotLK's, at least judging by the tutorials on editing those. Could anyone help?
  15. Hey! This is a continuation of the following topic (omg he chose over modcraft omg omg what a cunt lets start raging). The summarising conclusion of that topic: When the vehicle npc stops moving, it has to create an invisible collision gobject right in itself. When it starts moving/turning, it should delete the gobject.For spawning, action_type = 50, target_type = 1. Event_type possibly 28 or 43.For despawning, action_type = 41, target_type presumaby 12. Event_type possibly 34.It is possible to copy collision from an .m2 using the script in this tutorial by Skarn, but I also need to somehow create collision from wmo's (because that's what most ships are). As Skarn told me, it's not possible to do that straight away. Maybe I could convert wmos to m2s?kojac488 knows everythingI'll be thankful for any kind of help.
  16. Hey guys! Where can I get the most up-to-date SQL and DBC databases for Cata?
  17. Hey! I have, once again, decided to finally try and create a proper spell (all of my previous attempts have failed miserably). I took the spell Ward of the Worldbreaker as a base. I found all of the dbc entries for it and duplicated them to end up with a spell that should give your character a green fire effect on the eyes. Here you can see how I duplicated the entries: Spell.dbc Original Custom SpellVisual.dbc Original Custom SpellVisualKit.dbc Original Custom SpellVisualKitModelAttach.dbc Original Custom SpellVisualEffectName.dbc Original Custom My result: nothing works.
  18. Hey! My server is pre-compiled, because, unfortunately, I am too stupid for the complicated process of compiling one myself. Probably because of that or some other problems, Kezan is seriously fucked up in terms of phasing and other things (for example, some npcs which are meant to just stand somewhere, are walking around (though, this happens on the whole server)). Basically, if anybody has an sql file which would fix the npcs/objects/quests/phases/etc on Kezan, I'd be thankful if he/she shared it.
  19. Hey! I want to create a "Davy Jones" model merging the sea vrykul (without the hair and the beard), Merciless one, a pirate hat the crab weapon and the pirate captain models kind of like that: Unfortunately, I'm worse than an absolute zero in modelling and I couldn't even convert an edited m2i to m2 because of some crash. If you do not fear death, please help. p.s. If you know a better way of making captain calamari, I'm open for suggestions.
  20. Hey! I try to avoid editing/creating spells thanks to the fucked up dbc system, but I know this is gonna involve spells, so I'm ready. Just please keep in mind I'm bad at it. 1)I want the players to be teleported (alive) to a certain map when they die, but ONLY if they died in a certain area. 2)The area they are teleported to should be phased in a way so that the players cannot see/interact with each other. Maybe some kind of 1-man instance system?
  21. Hey! I have a giant problem: whenever I log out and press "exit" my client crashes with the following error: It only began happening recently, but I'm not sure at what point. Please help!
  22. Hey! I wanna change the green slug in Lordaeron to water. As far as WoWDev wiki says, its controlled in AreaTable.dbc in column 30. However, I looked closely at my AreaTable.dbc (attached), and I just can't find the needed column! AreaTable.dbc